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Thursday, 6 October 2011

Frosty and Friends

Here are some cards made with the latest project of the month kit from Craftwork Cards - frosty and friends. In these kit you get all the stuff you need to make dozens of cards, and of course with CWC there is always something new and innovative

For the first card, I cut a series of circles (I used George and my Cricut to do this quickly) and stuck them on in a tree shape. I added the small images to look like baubles, aren't they cute?

Something new this month are these ready made easel cards, what a great idea that is, and see the little card candi in the centre of the punched snowflakes? They are holographic, so shimmer beautifully in the light. I stamped the word merry onto his 'snowballs' (more card candi). All the papers used are in the kit 

This last one used another easel base. The sentiment circles come with the kit. I cut the trees using a sissix die. There is a lot of coarse glitter on this one, what a shame glitter doesn't photograph well. Don't forget that card candi is now available in the USA and Australia from Scrappy-go-Lucky

So I was standing in a queue waiting to pay for something in Target, feeling quite smart in a pair of they-cost-an-arm-and-a-leg grey linen trousers. 'Excuse me' said the woman behind me 'did you get those pants in Walmart? I saw some like that there and now I can't find them. I want to get some plain pants, my boyfriend doesn't like the sort I wear'. Walmart!!! I later saw her crossing the car park, from the rear she had two huge bright pink and orange hibiscus flowers, one on each side......well, at least her 'boyfriend' has taste -  note, she was 60 if she was a day. Time to put the Hawaiian theme clothes out of the closet I think. Okay, so I am being a bit tetchy, so would you be if you knew how much that grey linen cost me :)

See you tomorrow.....


  1. What a gorgeous cards Enfys.

    Hugs Riet.xx

  2. Sure do enjoy your comments, so funny. The cards are super!!

  3. OMGosh! I'm with you Enfys! Flowers....there! When you reach a certain age...you should wear simple...solids...and if you want decoration...put it on the pant legs...near your feet! Well, that's me off the soap box :)

  4. Fab cards En and very funny story once again xx

  5. I love easel cards and never think to make them. Yours are so delicate and beautiful. Your colors are perfect and so is the candi. WalMart...the nerve! I can imagine Americans shock you more and more every day. We aren't all that brazen, thank goodness!

  6. Sweet cards, Enfys!

    Thinking of making a couple of the easel cards for the holidays this year. They're so darned cute! You've shown us so many great ideas!

    Well, the lady with the flowers on her checks (I think that's what you were saying) probably wouldn't know linen from polyester regardless of where she thought she saw them! The "advertisement" some of the younglings are wearing on their butt cheeks are in such poor taste - we saw one with "sweet thing" in rhinestones last week.

    Thanks for a great laugh along with such wonderful ideas!

    Blessings, Donna

  7. Wonderful cards, Enfys. I agree with Donna, that she wouldn't know linen from polyester. I have never understood the concept of words or images located there on anyone. It's really not attractive at any age, but variety is the spice... Enjoy your day!

  8. Beautiful cards! I love easel cards and yours are wonderful. I love the tree design, simple, yet adorable!
    Let me tell you about people like that woman, she isn't looking at quality etc. all she is looking at is that they were gray pants.

  9. Oh, Enfys, anyone whose taste runs to big flowered butts sees all plainer garments as all the same. Like someone who isn't a fan of dogs can't tell the difference between two different yellow Labs. Or how some can't tell the difference between other people's children if the kids have the same hair and eye color. LOL Happy crafting! =)

  10. Oh my I am rolling on the floor. When in Rome! I hope it isn't only in America. She was 60 but how much did she weigh? Now your second book. "While i waited in Line" so funny. You can't feel too bad after watching those flowers walk away. That entertainment is priceless.
    Love the cards!

  11. These cards are wonderful, Enfys!!!

  12. Still laughing at the image of that flowery bottom lol. Brilliant cards Enfys, love your stories;)

  13. Great cards, love those new easel one's what a great idea. Can I ask who makes those letter stamps you used to write 'merry'? I have been looking for some small ones.
    Oh the vision I have of that bottom, I only wish you had of photographed it, now that would really of given us a laugh!
    Kim xXx


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Enfys x