Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Fairy Christmas

Here's a little Christmas card made with Sundae of Seasons, the newest CD from Polkadoodles. I love the images and papers on this CD, they have a country feel to them, which is a look I adore - I am a sucker for plaids. I printed everything I needed, the two papers, the little angel image and the sentiment tag. I wanted to colour in the image myself, although I had the option of printing her out already coloured.
The scallop circles are the scallop 2 cut from Lacy Labels cartridge, cut at 6". The base card is 6 x 6

I chose colours for her clothes that coordinated with the colours on the plaid paper. The wings are printed separate to the image, I left them uncoloured and ran them face down through the xyron x (the little machine) to get an even coating of glue, then sprinkled glitter on the wings before attaching with a foam pad
Do you like the buttons on the sentiment tag? Hard to believe they are not buttons at all, but printed onto the paper. They look so 3D

Promarkers used:
blush and soft peach for skin
pastel blue, powder blue and denim blue
lime zest and apple green
hair primrose and buttercup
cool grey 4 & 5
I get a few comments about making Christmas cards early. I either make them so early for design team stuff, or to try out seasonal products I am sent. I was making Christmas cards in July for a magazine! Now that really is hard, difficult to get into the right mood when the sun is shining, the garden needs watering and people are talking about their summer holidays. Humming Jingle Bells works a bit I have discovered, the downside of that being that when you hear it piped around stores sometime in October, you are so sick of the tune that you could scream....

We went canoeing yesterday - it's a trip I love making when we are here in Florida. It was a glorious day, the river was dappled turquoise and aqua blue, pretty flowers grew wild on the banks, and all was well with the world - or at least it would have been if a large and lethal looking spider had not fallen from a tree right at my bare feet. My screams certainly shattered the tranquil air. The canoe rocked dangerously. I was in danger. My husband laughed so much he almost fell out of the canoe. I wished he would........................
The spider was dispatched with a quick blow from my flip flop. What a way to go
See you tomorrow


  1. Love the colours of this Enfys!!

  2. Enfys your card is so Adorable! I love everything about it. I love the story about the spider. Shari (cricutrookie)

  3. Hi Enfys,

    I simply adore your card !!!
    It is lovely !!!
    What a scary story about the spider !!!
    I do think your husband would have screamed too if it had fallen on his bare feet !!!!
    They look tough but trust me, they aren't :)
    Have a lovely day

  4. Lovely card - I am learning so much from your blog. I started making Christmas cards in September, thinking at the time they were only for me to give to family and friends, but then got requests, so have had to keep going. Next year I am going to make a few a month, as I feel as though I am missing out on autumn, my favourite season, to give it over to Christmas card making. It's not fair, is it?!

  5. I love elves, and I love the colours and layout of your card. I have a tendency to colour first and then start searching for the paper to match. Shouldn't do that, this is much better!!
    Greetz, Frea

  6. A beautiful card En - those papers are totally gorgeous and I love that ribbon! OMG that spider! Makes me shiver just thinking about it.

    Love Lynda xxx

  7. Love the card! I like plaids (and stripes) too.

    I had the same problem in Aug trying to make some of the displays for the JoAnn's ads for Christmas products. Gingerbread houses in Aug don't work well with sticky candies & it's not fun to be making Christmas candy that would melt on the way to deliver it.

    And at least it was a spider, not a snake that fell in the canoe. A flip flop wouldn't have dispatched that as well! It's probably good that Mike didn't fall in - he might've tipped it & taken you with it!

  8. Love your cards. And I can just picture the spider story...made me laugh. Thanks.

  9. This is such a sweet card-good work. What do you print your papers (printed ones) on? I have some digi items and sometimes they do not look good once printed.

    Can you share how you print your items?
    Thank you, Marcie

  10. LOVE the card....I agree the buttons look so real....

    "Funny" spider story....I HATE spiders so I would have tipped the canoe for sure!

  11. Your card is beautiful as always and the fairy is just adorable. Love the canoe story. I can handle spiders, my fear is mice. My husband is working on a smart mouse right now, Jim claims that he will get smarter than the mouse. I SURE hope so!!!

    Donna C.

  12. Oh, so pretty. Love your ribbon colour too.

  13. Oh my... I'm with you...I hate spiders! Lovely card. I'm better than half finished with my Christmas cards. I started about a month ago. I didn't want to have to worry about getting them done in time. Jingle Bells huh... well maybe I'll just play a couple of cd's while I'm working. I don't sing so well. Thanks Enfys.

  14. So wonderful card Enfys,I love the image and the colours.
    So gorgeous papers.

    Hugs Riet.x

  15. What a cute angel! Love the sentiment too. I thought for sure that you were going to say you saw a manetee. At least you were brave enough to kill the spider. Good work!

  16. missystep@hotmail.comWednesday, October 20, 2010

    I love this card, I want to try one of these CDs sooo much! Might be a good reason to buy a new printer for my computer! :). Thanks for sharing!

    Did I mention I think this card is cute????
    LOVE it!!!
    Hugs Anja

  18. Beautiful card En!!! Love the colors and your coloring is a perfect match!!! TFS

  19. Lovely card xxx
    You should show your work over on our craft blog sure Fiskarettes would love to see :)

  20. Your spider story is sooooo funny! Sounds like me! I hate those things!! Love your card. Love the glitter on the wings! I've got a lot of my Christmas cards made already. I love having them almost done. Won't have to rush at the last minute! :)

  21. Every time I see your next card I think this is the best one yet and then the next post has one that I say the same thing. In other words I love every thing you do. This card is so soft looking. And the glittered wings are just perfect. Thanks fore shareing.

  22. I love this card so much. Blue is
    my favorite color and this angel
    is so pretty! Wonderful job.
    Sorry about the spider though,that
    would ruin any relaxation for me!


  23. I'm not fond of spiders, but can deal with 'em, till I walked out into into the screen room in Florida and was great by one the size of a small dinner plate! (True story!) Have to admit to letting out a screech at that one. So it could have been worse! Don't fall out, no spider is as bad as a gator!! Of course if hubby fell out while laughing.............
    Glad that you survived to tell the tale!

  24. Hoo-boy! I'm with ya on the spider! YUK! And it seems that all the bugs are so much BIGGER in the Southern US! I've seen mosquitoes the size of my hand since living here!! Totally too creepy!


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