Thursday, 9 September 2010

Quick card today

Here's a quick card I made with a freebie stamp given away by Creativity magazine, here in the UK. I used some papers from the DCWV All Dressed Up stack. I stamped the bags separately, coloured them, and popped them on with a foam pad. The sentiment circle is from Craftwork Cards

Promarkers used:
blush, soft peach, cocktail pink, pastel pink, fuschia, black, warm grey 5, shadow ice grey 1
Time to draw a veil over the sorry saga of the cruise. It was a repositioning cruise - the ship was sailing from the Caribbean where poor souls had been island hopping on it during the winter months, to the Mediterranean for the summer. What they didn't tell us was that the entertainment crew would be leaving the ship in Brazil, so for ten long lonely days we crossed an ocean with no shows or entertainment of any kind. As we got close to Tenerife, the weather changed and the sea got rough and choppy. Not many people went to dinner that night as the ship tossed and rolled. At 2.30 a.m the abandon ship siren sounded.
I leapt out of bed, people were screaming, a few were rushing down the corridor fumbling with their lifejackets, one woman was being sick in between screams. So after spending a minute or two deciding what to wear (people who know me well were not at all surprised to hear this....), we grabbed our lifejackets and made our way to our lifeboat station. We were halfway there when the tannoy pinged 'Oh dear' said the captain 'sorry about that folks, false alarm, please make your way back to your cabins'
We still had a week of this torture to get through, and spent all our time ashore in Tenerife searching desperately for a flight to get us home. We didn't manage it, and endured the rest of the time on board - by this time we had met some like-minded people and we all ganged up together to form a sort of protest group, so we spent many happy hours debating quite ridiculous ways that we could get our own back on the crew.......
Ah, home sweet home


Sara said...

What cruise line was this? I just want to make sure we NEVER use them!! I love your cards. I just got some of the Promarkers and I am loving them!!!

Whimsey said...

SUPER cute card; just love that image and those big ole polka dots!

K....I've never really convinced myself I needed to take a cruise - I've toyed with the idea...but let's say your story convinced me that land is A-OKAY!!!

Glad you are home safe & sound!

Margie said...

Fun card, Enfys! Not so fun cruise story! LOL!

Riet said...

So gorgeous card Enfys,I love the image and your papers.

Hugs Riet.xx

porkshill said...

This is just another reason to never get on a boat that you have no control over..........our children wanted to give us a cruise for our 50th anniversary earlier this year & couldn't understand why I just wasn't interested. Living in Florida you hear all of the horror stories all year long. I love your card & wish this stamp was available for cards for my granddaughters. Thanks for the entertaining tales. I still say that we need to do a road trip when you return to Florida!!!

Linda said...

I don't think I would ever leave home again if I lived through that. I couldn't talk my hubby into a cruise. He doesn't like others to be in control of were he can go. Now I don't have to worry about talking him into it. Thanks
Your card is lovely. I like her earrings and hair due.

Kristina said...

Beautiful card!
So sorry to hear about your horrible trip.
Glad you are home safe to tell the tale.

1CardCreator said...

OMG! My heart lept when I read abandon ship! I hope you were given a refund. Love the card today, super cute image! ~Diane

mahuntington said...

I love your sassy shopping girl and the dotted papers. You color so beautifully. Oh my, what a cruise. Fortunately I've always had positive experiences on my cruises.
Mary Ann

liz said...

love the card and the pattern combo!

Sharon said...

I just love this card! So so cute!!! I'll think twice before I go on a looooong cruise! I do love to cruise though. A week is enough for me! :)

Maryellen Webber said...

I will never, ever take a cruise,
especially after reading your story! I don't like boats, I'm not a strong swimmer and I can't stand the thought of not seeing land nearby. Oh, what an awful trip you had. I'm sorry you had horrible experience, no entertainment, poor
tourist locations etc. You lived to
tell about it at least!
Love your card today, very Mod!

Jessica said...

Oh my gosh! Enfys! What a horrible experience!I have never gone on a cruise. After this image in my brain, I'm not sure I ever will! lol Of course that's a one in a million experience! Well, I hope so anyway! I love the card! Are you almost ready to make to journey again! I imagine you do get tired of the travel. Wish you the best.

scrapn_momof2 said...

Super sweet card. I love the big polka dots!

Thank you for the story Enfys, though I am quite sure I never want to go on a cruise, or set foot on anything on water. LOL

Linda Kaiser said...

Love it and so want to make. Could you tell me the finished size of your card? Thanks again for your always post.

Linda K.

mary stuart said...

Oh, Enfys, it sounds like you got the prize in the Crackerjack box with that cruise! We love to cruise, those transA cruises in particular, and have had problems, but never the 'abandon ship' alarm. that must have been terrifying. Oh, nothing like a group of passengers of similar thought getting together on board planning mutiny!
Darling card, love your stories! Sorry this one is over. You need to go on another cruise so we can hear another great story! Just let me know when you're going so i can make sure i'm not on your ship.

mustavcoffee said...

Hi there Enfys, great card, gorgeous papers and neat image:)
I am totally phased by your cruise experience, once I stopped giggling I got quite cross, I do hope you managed to get your own back:) I like the idea of a committee to plan the attack, he he he, TTFN :) xx

Kristie Maynard said...

Very cute card and I love the colors, great job.
What a horror story you have of that vacation! Hopefully I will never experience any like it.

pcrusberg said...

Really cute card! Love that image. Your cruise sounds like hell! Both of the cruises that I've been on were great. I wouldn't blame you if you never wanted to set foot on a cruise again!

mckinkle said...

Love this funky card En, the colours are great and the big polkas just perfect.

I hope you get to tell us about the mutiny you were conspiring!!!!

Keryn x

Tip Top said...

Ah, ha! Should find where I left my stamp and get it used - thanks for the inspiration!

Kelley said...

I knew there was a reason why I didn't want to take a cruise. Once the siren went off, after having a leaking cabin, I would have called the navy and told them to come get me.