Thursday, 6 August 2009

Just for You

I made this card using Que Sera papers from K & co. I cut the stars from acetate, using george cartridge and edged them with a copper krylon pen

the button is a martha stewart button punch, it has a lovely embossed edge and is really useful if you want a perfectly matching button. The centre flower was cut out and popped up. Oh, I see a bit of fraying ribbon going on here, must fix that. If you run the edge of a ribbon along a glue stick, when the glue is dry it prevents fraying, a trick which I clearly forgot to do here
the little sentiment is by hero arts

We seem to be having a plague of insects here, it has been very very wet for two weeks (it feels like two years), and humidity is high for the UK, so I think all the bugs have been lying around feeling soggy and miserable, saying to each other, what shall we do today, it's a bit wet to go flying around. I know, let's procreate....... and procreate they have. My daughter in law is on holiday in Norfolk, and every time they go out there are MILLIONS of ladybirds flying around. I think the ladybirds would be preferable to the rather grotesque flying ants that decided they liked me yesterday. So there I was, sitting in the sun, having a cappuchino and a browse of the paper, when PLOP, something fell into the coffee, followed by PLOP, PLOP PLOP - soon the coffee was full of these horrible things. They got bored with that and decided that my hair would be a good place to shelter..............ladybird ladybird fly away home (and that applies to you horrible ants as well)


Karen said...

Gorjus carda Enfys. Love the colours in this one and that christening card is stunning.

Love Karen x

Lean said...

Hahah love the coffee story,great card you made cute stars.
bye bye,Lean

DonnaMundinger said...

OOOooohhh YUCK! Bugs in the coffee, worse yet in your hair! Sorry En, you're just too sweet. Even the bugs know that. :) Lovely card! The acetate stars are really cool and I've passed over that punch about a bazillion times. Gonna rethink that now. xxD

Carol said...

another lovely card Enfys ... I especially like the layers on the Star ... simply beautiful!
From the Cricut MB

Jan McConnell said...

Oh Ens, I think you need to write a cute little book about all of your little happenings and adventures. It would really be cute. I can even picture some illutrations that would be quite funny to go along with them. LOL

eiyiyi said...

Love the card, En. The colors are so soft and lovely.

Sorry about the flying bug thing ... not fond of them myself. To me, they are preferable to the delightful Florida palmetto bugs. Now, they just give me the creeps. I'm not really a crawly, creepy, winged beast kind of gal.

Brenda said...

WOW this is another awesome card! I love going to my dashboard and seeing your new creations!
Sorry to read about your bug problem...I live in the woods and usually I have a problem with the ticks...ewwww I just hate those nasty things this year I had only spotted 3!!!Wish every year could be like this.

Jessica said...

Don't you just love that paper!!! Love the card. Also love the christening card! One day, when I grow up, maybe I'll have cards in a box to pick from when I need them! lol
Thanks for sharing En!

Nannieflash said...

Hi Enfys, I love those papers, what gorgeous colours. The card is really lovely. With love and hugs Shirleyxxxx

Crystal said...

this is beautiful! i love all the colors together! just gorgeous! hugs!

Vicki (basement stamper) said...

So gorgeous!! I'm loving these mixture of colors!! SO YUMMY!! HUGS

lisa said...

Great card Enfys, the colours are lovely.
Know what you mean about the bugs. We seem to have a plague of spiders and webs so that they drap all over you when you go in the garden and then you end of spending the rest of the day peeling them off, they really tickle. I also saw a flying ant today, not nice!!!! They haven't invaded our drinks yet thankgoodness, that is just too much!!!
Hope they leave you alone soon.


Loopylou!! said...

lol en!!!! sounds like you had something bugging you yesterday!!!
love the card and thankyou so much for the glue tip, i didn't know that one xxxx

Kim Piggott said...

Such a fabulous card Enfys!
Gorgeous colours and detail!
Oh those ants are just awful!
kim x

Riet said...

Ohhh Enfys,what a beautiful card,i love the papers and colours.

Hugs Riet.x

AUsome mom said...

Love the card! I haven't seen that Martha punch, but I'll be looking for it now. What a fab idea!! I know what you mean about the bugs. We here in the states (the south to be exact) are sweltering right now. My hubby and I drove further south recently and ran into thousands of dragonflies. Now, I love dragonflies as much as the next crafter, but not hundreds of them at once!! Come on Fall :)

kisatrtle said...

ugh...bugs in the coffee. That's as bad as camping. My parcel arrived before we left early this week. Thanks again for shipping it and I love the paper, though the girls are fighting over what sheet they get. LOL

Jamers said...

Hello Enfys,
Sorry for my absence as I have been so busy this summer, I left a message as to why on my blog. I will be creating more and visiting more in the next few weeks but just wanted to drop you a note and let you know, it has been very hectic for me this summer. Great card to...I always love your work..Jamie

Nadya 's World!!! said...

Beautiful card!!! And what a great tip with the glue sick and fraying ribbon.. :)
Sorry about the BUGS..... I hate bugs... :) We have bunch in HI too..

Karelj said...

Great card, as usual! Love the colors on this one.

Rleen said...

Aloha En! My first time here in your beautiful blog. Your card is lovely, I love the paper and the colors. TFS!

Have a wonderful day!