Sunday, 30 August 2009

Here's a new challenge for you.....

There is a new challenge blog over at Lily-Boo, it's going to be monthly at first, and there is a freebie download of this cute house image for everyone who wants to join in. I printed mine off really big then cut around the front of the card. The winner will get two download sheets as a prize
The challenge is a recipe of 4 brads, 3 flowers and two ribbons

The last thing I want to do is talk about all my recent medical adventures, so why is it that whenever I meet total strangers in shops/coffee shops/etc they always take one look at me and decide that I am the one person in the world they can unburden themselves to. 'Oh yes duck, I'm a martyr to me arthritis' they say mournfully or 'I'm under a psychiatrist now.....'
I also seem to get told loads of tales of very complicated family rifts, a sister-in-law nobody has spoken to for ten years ever since she ran off with her husbands best friends brother-in-law
I nod and smile, murmur platitudes, but do they not see the glazed look in my eyes? Take yesterday........... I was sitting peacefully with my latte, when along came a woman, a total stranger, a person I had never seen before in my life, who paused at my table, and when I gave her an uncertain smile, said in tragic tones
'my dog died yesterday'
WHAAAAT? Was she wandering around town telling everyone this news, or was I singled out as being the person who most needed to know?


  1. roflmao Enfys you must have MUG tattooed on yer forehead!!
    Am off now to see about your challenge and grab that adorbale image.
    Love how you've used it on your card
    Anne x

  2. enfys that is just the cutest house, great job. Sandi

  3. It's co's you have such a kind face!! (and they know that crafters are such a lovely caring bunch!!) xxx

  4. Love your recipe for lilyboos and your house is adorable. Oh En, only you! You're going to have to start facing the corner or bringing a book with you when you go out! Either that or adopt a mad, crazed look in your eyes ... that should keep them at bay! hugs, eileen

  5. Lol, Enfys, you must just have one of "those" faces!! My husband has the same effect on people. In fact, medical dramas follow us around. I've lost count of the number of holidays where he's had to go and assist some or other victim (he's a doctor by the way, not just an interfering busy body!!). You must just look as though you care!

    Your card is fab by the way, I love the image and it makes a wonderful new home card.

    Caryn xxx

  6. LOL.. you crack me up! Did I tell you about my family's psycho cousin!?!@? LOL (Just kidding!)..well I do have a Psycho cousin, but I won't share that with ya... (oops, guess I just did!)

    Love your card, really cute. Glad you're feeling better!

  7. Fab card Enfys.

    Glad your feeliing better. I had a similar exchange with a stranger whilst waiting for my lift the other night. It can be a bit uneasy when things like that happen. Maybe she just thought you have a kind face and needed to tell some one.

    Love Karen x

  8. Too funny En! I'm sure you just look like such a sweet and understanding person they just can't help themselves. LOL Maybe we should give you a little hand held sign with a big TMI on it and you can hold it up when people approach. Anyway your little house is just adorable! Maybe I can join in on this one. xxD

  9. you must have alot of compassion in your face! or people just sense you're a good listener. next time they start talking to you tell them..... well, i make cards! really beautiful cards. THAT'S my therapy. maybe you should try it sometime! LOL.

    sorry i haven't been around. well, that's not true, i am around and i've been seeing everything you do just not commenting as often. lots on my plate. but i am here!

    hugs, oh and by the way.... have i told you......... only kidding.

    more hugs,

  10. lol en!!!!!! you must have 'tell me all your problems' eyes!!!!xxxxx

  11. You definitely must have one of those compassionate faces Enfys, this is just so funny, if it wasn't so tragic!!!!
    You'll have to take a book or something in future and bury yourself in it.


  12. Enfy I think you need to take that sign of your back 'come talk to me' lol. Love your card and all the Dt cards, must have a go at this one.

  13. Enfys, Beautiful card as always! I am off to check out the new challenge blog.

  14. Love your house card so sweet.
    bye bye,Lean

  15. Ohhh wowww Enfys,what a beautiful card,i love the image and colours.

    Hugs Riet.x

  16. you crack me up, E! but i know what you mean! i have a number of health problems myself, but the last thing i want to do is focus on them, let alone with complete strangers! for me to mention it, ya know it has to be pretty bad! just look at it this way - it is so obvious that you are such a wonderful person inside and out that others want a piece of that comfort you can offer them! and by the way, that card is fab and i am on way to get that download! hugs!

  17. Cute, cute little house. Adore it! Enfys, your compassionate just seeps out your pores and the world can tell that you need a good story to tell, heehee!

  18. Enfys your card is gorgeous, very good use of the recipe. Love the size of the house.

    Your stories always make me laugh, you must just have that look of sympathy in your eyes.

    Kaye x

  19. Well all I can say is it must be in your face, I think you should just calmly say, Im sorry to hear that and would you like to hear my problems, and they will probably run a mile.
    Never mind love your card is gorgoeus, love the bird on the roof, good luck with the challenges. With love and hugs Shirleyxxxx

  20. Darling card! i'll check out lily-boo, too.
    you have the face of a saint.
    or is it the smile?
    you should keep track of your stories and write a book.
    this post sure made me laugh!!
    i'm sorry, i know it's really sad but you just present it in a funny manner!
    i enjoy your blog! Thanks

  21. That made me snort my tea out of my nose. Oh great now I just did it...told you more information than you need to know.

    It must be your caring smile and all knowning appearance.

    BTW I love the card!

  22. Oh EN! I too have this affliction, as does my boyfriend. We've decided we're together because we've each finally got someone who will listen to us! lol I agree with Eileen, adopt a ceriously mad expression, that along with the glazed eyes, should do it! lol

  23. Gorgeous little house - try snarling instead of smiling!!!

    Beccy x

  24. Such a beautiful card Enfys, and in such fab colours!love the gorgeous design. Oh did I tell you about my lol next time! lol.
    Hugs Linda

  25. lovely card, off to check it out
    I am a bit like that too, attract all the loonies for a blether

  26. Ah! Enfys you must look like you need to share....great card! Cheers Claire x

  27. Great card Enfys! Hey, you must be a very kind soul that people pick you out and talk to you. Look at it this way, you probably brightened their day! I know you do mine whenever I see your beautiful creations. ALoha...

  28. Ok Mrs grumpy I wont ask how you are...just say great card and happy crafting. janex

  29. Another great card! Thanks for the link to the free image.
    You must look friendly and approachable to others which I think is a good thing. You seem that way in your written word too. Hope you are continuing to feel better each day.

  30. Such a darling for your woes Enfys...LOL...

  31. Glad you're feelin better En, but don't 'overdo it with the tea and sympafy for all those strangers hun!! hahaha!x

  32. Oh En, you've just been the cause of a near fatality....I've nearly choked on my white grape & elderflower drink...I'd have paid good money to see the look on your face.

  33. Silly me...forgot to comment on the card. I really like this, very quirky.


  34. Adorable card!! I think that image is too cute.

    I had to laugh out loud when I read your blog post as I get that a lot too. My hubby calls me a "freak magnet". LOL He usually ditches me if we are out together and someone launches into their current woes and I am stuck standing there as I just can't bring myself to turn and walk away. LOL


I love reading your comments, thank you for taking the time
Enfys x