Saturday, 11 July 2009

Russian Doll for Daring Cardmakers

Those ladies over on Daring Cardmakers certainly know how to set a challenge. This week the dare was to make a card with a Russian theme. Russia? The only thing I know about Russia is Omar Sharif (who isn't Russian at all, he was just pretending), and vodka

Then I remembered the babushkas, I think that is the Russian word for grandmother. Of course I didn't have a babushka stamp so I cut her freehand (took a bit of doing, as I kept getting the sides uneven. Her face is a sissix doll rub-on, and the papers are by K & Co from the Que Sera range
I found some black peel offs for the sentiment, I never use peel offs and didn't know I had these, but I quite like the casual scrawl

So, moving on to other musings about life in general, I am seriously considering making myself a little notice that I can hang around my neck when I am standing in a queue (line). I could make it look pretty, add a few flowers and maybe some gems. What will it say?
Honestly, it's ridiculous, every queue I join has a problem. The person in front of me has always lost their credit card/run out of money/mislaid their purse at the bottom of some cavernous bag/forgotten that their credit card is out of date/received a very important phone call on their mobile that they have to deal with immediately, regardless of the impatient people behind them
"yes mum, I'm in Sainsbury's, yes, I'm at the checkout, no I forgot the oven cleaner I 'll just run back now, they won't mind. See you in a minute, love you"
LOVE YOU? What sort of fragile relationship has to have constant reassurances of devotion even in a supermarket queue?
Even if, by some miracle, I find a checkout with nobody in front of me and a bored looking person sitting there, as soon as I arrive she is galvanised into action 'won't keep you a minute madam, I just have to change the till roll' or two burly security guards appear, flanking a supermarket employee who then proceed to count all the money in the till with all the accompanying signing of bits of paper .................
So you see, it would be a graceful gesture on my part to make this notice in the interest of the sanity of the general public. I thought maybe black and hot pink with a little bit of bling.......


  1. what a cute card and yummy colors
    LOL on the supermarket been there done that LOL

  2. That queue comment did make me smile:) I hadn't realised that in the states it is a line - another for the list!
    Your card is adorable En - but not quite as adorable as the photo of you with Milo - you look so glamorous and proud at the same time!

  3. hahaha! What a great and creative card and the comment has me laughing.

  4. Love the card . Glad you thought of vodka, was a bit worried when that was the first thing that came to my mind.
    It seems queues are a universal problem because you could have been
    describing an S.A. supermarket!

  5. Love the card Enfys - and I must admit I did look into the possibility of making a Vodka themed card - just couldn't work out how!

    As for queues, I sooo know the feeling - doesn't matter which queue I pick its guaranteed to be the wrong one.

  6. What a great card. Way creative coming up with the babushka!

    A trick I learned while teaching myself to paint. Get half your drawing just the way you want it, draw over it with pencil or charcoal,fold in half and rub the paper. You have a perfect drawing every time. Saves a ton of cutting time.

    I didn't know we were separated at birth. I'm the line killer as well. Every store, return line, movie. You name it, if I'm in it, it stops dead. Oh poor us. (and those behind us)

    hugs, eileen

  7. Black and hot pink with a little bit of bling...I'm whipping it up for your right now. LOL

    That was a funny story.

    I like your card.

  8. Enfys, this is just darling and it does't even look like you had trouble cutting her. Love your musings on standing in line - it's so true! Kris

  9. fabulous card. ok, here's some russian (really polish) info:

    babushka - scarf
    babchi - grandma
    babka - break / cake
    booczi (american spelling) - kiss

    your card is still stunning and the rest of your post funny.


  10. Oh Enfys, I can honestly empathise over the queuing thing, it happens to me all the time too.

    I love your card this week.
    You’ve done a great job with your ‘freehand’ babushka

  11. I have that very same effect on supermarket cashiers - I think I give off some kind of invisible electromagnetic radiation that interferes with the tills when I get within range!

    Anyhoo, your card is stunning as always. Sorry I haven't been visiting as much recently but life just keeps getting in the way of my crafting habit - it's just not good enough!!

    Caryn xxx

  12. You're funny...
    and my first stalker!
    I'm blushing.
    Love your blog too.
    Have a great wkend.

  13. Wowww Enfys.what a beautiful cards,l love them all.

    Zo mooi....
    Hugs Riet.x

  14. Fab card Enfys and well done with the freehand cutting! I know exactly what you mean with queues my oh thinks it just happens to me but to be honest it does always seem to be when he is waiting for me! lol
    Lana x

  15. What a cute card! I'll have to try that sometime. I have some of those rub-on faces that I got in a grab bag and I never knew what to do with them.

    I hear ya on the supermarket thing. If I choose the line with 1 person, it will inevitably go slower than the one with 3 or 4. Murphy's law...

  16. Such a gorgeous card!
    kim x

  17. What a great card, I hate being in the shops and people always taking there time and its always when ur in a rush!

  18. What a great make, very clever idea.

    Lol, I hate standing in queues, I always go for the self serve till.

  19. Your card is so adorable! I love that you created your own babushka!

    lol, I can relate to your story about standing in lines...I seem to have the same luck with them!

    (-: Heidi

  20. Oh what a gorgeous card, I love the colours

  21. Excellent, had a look at the challenge too and was a bit stumped! I don't think I would be able to hang the words I had in mind round my neck lol. Queues are sent to try us!!!

  22. Oh Enfys.. you are so cute. Love the your card.. you did a great job on cutting her out.

  23. So cute En! I love those nesting dolls. You did a brilliant job on her. Hey, while you're at it could you make me one of those signs too. I'm swear I'm your U.S. counterpart. LOL Hugs! D

  24. Your Russian doll turned out sooo cute! Love those colors too! :)

  25. Lovely card and what a beautiful doll.
    thanks for for plaing! :)

  26. Lovely card and what a beautiful matryoshka!
    Thanks for taking part.

  27. oh that is so cute en, i love her facial expression xxx

  28. Beautiful creations, I love that paper Great designs!!
    Hugs Susie xx

  29. Beautiful Envys, love the colours and layout. Love the comment about Russia and Omar, so hes now a Russian drinking idol lol.
    Yep know what you mean about supermarkets had me in fits here! and love the idea about the sign, shocking Pink I hope.
    Hugs Linda

  30. Your card is great love the collors.The picture of you and your grandschild so sweet.
    bye bye,Lean

  31. Make me a similar sign while you're at it En!

    Super card - babushka? Wasn't that a song by Kate Bush???

  32. This is so cute hun great colurs too,bless you for following my little blog you have now rounded up my followers to 60 so thanks hun for that lots love cheryl xxxx

  33. Adorable card Enfys! I love the citrus colors you used. LOL you are so funny! A sign would be helpful in those situations and I love the colors you are thinking about using. Post a pic when you have it done. LOL

  34. Enfys that Babushka is fantastic, you did a wonderful job cutting freehand, and the colours are just so bright.

    Love the supermarket story is hillarious, it happened to me the other day. How frustrating!

    Kaye x

  35. Hadn't realised when I last posted but thanks for becoming my first follower. You are a great inspiration and I will value you comments and following. Thanks again Enfys.

    Kaye x

  36. Hi Enfys, this is a beautiful card! Great idea to cut one out and what a great job you've made of it!


    smiling at your lil story there ;O)

    PS; thank you for commenting on my altered trinket box.

  37. Oh En You did make me laugh i need that notice when you have finished it lol i thought it was just me...loving all your work.

  38. Love your babushka. :)

    LOL to the queue, it only happens to me when I'm in a hurry!


  39. Great card - love the papers and her little apron. I'm with you on the queue thing - never seem to pick the right one

  40. Thanks for the tip Enfys. Am s'posed to be altering a pair of (my)trousers but might just nip over to Dustin Pike first.Gorgeous cards. Love the baboushka. Trouser altering is because I've lost weight and I'm too tight to buy new just yet. LOL BettyXXX

  41. Oh-as for supermarket queues-my trick is to get to know the life story of the person next to you while sharing some of your own.They will become really fast. Works best when there is a bored, weary, child with harrassed parents-something along the lines of "been there and glad I'm out of it" approach will progress to "all those sleepless nights". Being a wierd white haired granny does help! Tee hee hee Betty

  42. Love the card.. cute as always!

    I can identify with your "Delays inevitable!". Happens to me all the time as well. What's up with people? When you get in line you're supposed to be ready, but no... like you I get the guy in front of me with the credit card that won't go through or the price check item that won't scan... UGH.. I have no patience! lol

  43. Oh my goodness, you make me giggle! And I love a good giggle. Love your card. And the lines, all I can say is... Me too! lol I'd go with the black and pink. It would stand out, so folks would see it. lol have a great day!

  44. oh gosh i cannot write for laughing ~ think i could do with one of those signs ~cause i`m too nice to complain ~always smile nicely and wait my turn ~but if i am holding up the queue (while going as fast as i can getting my shopping into my bags and then the trolly ~i can feel the eyes on me and "tuts"!!!
    oh yes ~your card is stunning ~how clever is this ~all made by you!! wonderful ~very clever
    vanessa xx

  45. I love the card!
    How true about the line's,
    I usually get a cahier who wants to comment on everything i have bought, or pick it up and look at it.

  46. v funny :) gorgeous card too :)

  47. Fantastic take on a seriously hard theme - love the colours and the cute doll! Super cute!
    Have you been spying on me in Sainsburys - im the girl in the queue that gets the phone call and says i love you mother! But i do it because our relationship is very fragile she cant say it back and it amuses me to make her squirm a little lol!
    I want one of your signs but mine would say WARNING ACCIDENT WAITING TO HAPPEN as im constantly walking into things - my favourite being closed doors - cant seem to get my head around the concept of opening them first!
    love tasha xx


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