Friday, 3 April 2009

A Cherry On The Top - for Daring Cardmakers

On Daring Cardmakers this week, the dare is to use fruit on your card. Yesterday I found these sweet stamps in the dollar bins at Michaels, and as luck would have it, one has a cherry on the top. The images were stamped onto a stripey paper and the bases cut out, then again onto white and coloured with copic markers, a lot of glitter and some gems. The sentiment is one from Craftwork Cards, my new favourite online store. This is one of those simple little cards that took forever to do for some reason.

So a quick foray into Michaels and Joannes has been done. Before I left home, I had made a pact with myself that I would not be buying anymore cardstock/paper until I used up some of what I already have. Here's why................................................

These are my paper racks in the garage where I work when I am in Florida. Looks like the contents of a shop doesn't it? So a very sensible decision on my part, to stop the buying of even more. How did I find myself outside Michaels then with a pack of 24 sheets of paper by Autumn Leaves, another 24 sheets by Mambi, and 30 sheets of cardstock. How did that happen? It just mysteriously hopped into my basket and I couldn't resist temptation. Then there was the 11 rolls of ribbon, all those cute studio G stamps, oh dear, not a great start to my resolutions.


  1. Such a sweet and tempting card Enfys!!!
    I think all us crafters are the same when it comes to CCB...(Compulsive craft buying! lol
    Lana x

  2. Lovely cards Enfys. You are lucky getting to see all those US craft shops we in the UK hear about but can only dream of!


  3. What a lovely card - the cupcakes look good enough to eat!!!
    Lynda xxx

  4. Oh my goodness just a bit of cardstock then!
    Fabulous card Enfys!
    Have a great weekend!
    kim x

  5. no ~you need more paper/card ~what fab stand to keep it all in ~oh i wish i had one of those!!
    love the cupcake stamps ~oh how true "chocolate not just for breakfast" ~ scrummy card mmmmmmmmm
    vanessa xx

  6. Well, first off, the card is so silly cute! I love the sentiment!
    Second, don't sweat the purchases. We all do the same dang thing! Hope you had fun shopping - that's what's important!
    Have a great weekend with your new goodies.

  7. Oh Enfys you are so funny.. I wish I could come play with you (and help you use up some of that paper LOL)... I love your card as usual- I love the cherry

  8. You crack me up. I do the same thing when I go to the U.S. In Canada everything is more expensive and the selection sucks.

  9. You are so funny and remind me of ME when it comes to supplies. My husband and I are laughing with you.
    Your cards are really cute and so tempting to eat - did you place a warning on yours? "Do Not Eat, not for human or any one's consumption."
    Thanks so much for sharing.

  10. Yummy... Those sweets look delicious.
    Thank you for showing your organizing, I am trying to figure out some ideas and every one of them is helpful.

    Beautiful cards.


  11. lol isn't that how it is always is?! I tell ya what, you can send ME some of your paper and them you can buy more. How is that? lol
    Seriously, I am loving your card. Really awesome. Have a super weekend.

  12. Cute card, Enfys!! Yep...know exactly what you're talking about....enough paper to fill a store, yet can't stop buying. I think we're in the same boat! :) hugs!!

  13. What a great card and great sentiment too! Very cute! I happen to love cupcakes for breakfast and, for that matter, any other meal too!! LOL! I totally understand your paper addiction because I have one of my own! Love the photo of all your paper and you look pretty organized too - more so than me! Have a really great weekend! HUGS!

  14. Love your cupcake card Enfys - they look good enough to eat. I am so pleased you found your crafty things.
    Thank you for your comment on my dog card - this was actually one of the stamps I received from your blog candy.

  15. Enfys, love the card! I used to have those days at Ms too!

  16. really got me wanting a cupcake!! Those look good enough to eat! Always love all the details that you put into your cards. The sentiment is great and so true!! If you ever figure out how to control the addiction we all have to paper please share!! My husband thinks I'm nuts!!

  17. Stunning card, love those cupcakes.
    So your first stop was Michaels!

  18. hehehe - like most of us, you're addicted to paper hunny!
    Great card - lovely stamp, those cakes look delicious

  19. Very delicious card Enfys....
    Love your paper racks..
    I think were all the same....cant resist a bargain or to!!:)♥

  20. Mmmmmhhh ...... what a delicious card!!!

  21. Goodness me, those looks so real.
    Love it Enfys

    Good thing you live so far away from me, because I think I would be raiding all that cs, or worse yet be SPENDING lots. lol

    Happy saturday

  22. If you had gone into the Michaels I visited in NY a fortnight ago you wouldn't have had any problem leaving empty handed!! :(

    Love the card.

  23. MMmmmmm those cakes look good enough to eat. And how many times have I told myself "no more buying"?

  24. I want to come over and play with all that paper! When can we get together? LOL

  25. SCrumptious - lve the cakes and he papers - glitter is awesome
    love tasha xx

  26. What's nice about having all of that paper is if you ignore it for a while and then pull some out months (years?) later, it's like finding brand new paper! I have some that is 3 years old and recently pulled it out, dusted it off and said "Oh, I forgot all about this paper... it's just what I was looking for!"

  27. Ooooops! I forgot to mention how delicious that cupcake card is! Love the bling!


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