Sunday, 26 April 2009

An award to pass on......

Rose very kindly sent me this little award, I am supposed to pass it on to ten people, but as usual time is of the essence here in crafting chaos land, so I hope I will be forgiven if I pass it on to just 5, some of them are new bloggers and this award will brighten up their blogs, all visit me very regularly and leave sweet comments, so here you are -
Lisa, Diana, Jamers, Max and Shelley - this is for you. Pass it on to 10 bloggers, or if you are like me, cheat and pass it on to five :)
I have been helping a couple of these blog pals with setting up their blogs, if my kids are reading this, can you pick yourselves up off the floor and stop laughing please, you look ridiculous. I DO know a bit about computers, well I can switch it off and on, that's a start................ If you can find a minute to click onto their blogs to encourage them that would be really appreciated.


  1. Loving the new bloggy look.

  2. Ahh!! This was a lovely surprise thankyou so much.
    How do I get the logo on my blog?

    Shelley xx

  3. Thank you so much Enfys! I love popping in on you each day to see what amazing creations you have to show us. You are such an inspiration and I enjoy reading about your 'antics' every day. Thanks for the award!!

  4. Enfys you are sooo kind to think of me, I shall wear my award with pride, thank you so much. We had a lovely chuckle at your note to your kids-you tell 'em.
    Thank you also for your lovely support and comments on my blog, I love reading them and they always make me smile.


  5. Thank you so much En, this is so sweet of you and will certainly brighten up my blog, only need to work out now how I add it to my blog lol.

  6. I was so excited I forgot to congratulate you lol
    You are so talented I wish I was half as creative as you, I love seeing all your creations you give us all so much inspiration.
    shelley xx

  7. HA HA I about fell out of my chair when you said your children can get up off the floor!! LOL
    You so desirve this award :-) and your new look is great (blogs)

  8. Congrats to you and your blog looks great! I go nuts over polka dots. Very nice!!!

  9. Wow...thanks so much Enfys...what a great surprise...I love it and will put it on my blog right away. Thank you again so much for thinking of me. Hope you enjoy my blog and I will be adding a new LO tonight.

  10. Thanks again for the surprise...I have passed it on to ten others already. I'm a busy bee tonight, I added my new LO as well. Thanks for all of your help and I am loving my new site and working with it.

  11. I'm sure recieving an award to start thier week will brighten their day.


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Enfys x