Monday, 23 March 2009

Hello Friend - A Personal Challenge

So although I have masses to do, I found these peel offs in a drawer and set myself a challenge to use them. I never use peel offs. Why do I buy them? I also kept setting myself harder and harder challenges as the card evolved, lots of white space, no pattern papers, only black white and red.............obviously I am in some strange masochistic mood today. I spent far too long on it, whatever I did, it looked a bit pants frankly, but this is the end result, and I suppose I met my challenges, now I can get on to the next card which I might actually enjoy making, enough of the hair shirt for one day! The middle little geisha is popped up, and since I am in confession mode, that is only because the little geisha underneath looked such a mess that I had to cover her up. And another thing, why do my photos all look like the leaning tower of Pisa? I need photography lessons as well as peel off lessons.............
On a happier note, I had a wonderful Mother's Day yesterday, we went down to my middle son's home and spent the day with them, and my daughter and her boyfriend. Lots of fun and cuddles with Max of course, who was sporting the biggest black eye you have ever seen, he never walks when he can run that boy. He was recently in the garden shed with his daddy, picked up a litre can of gloss paint and dropped it ---- all over their very expensive and newly laid decking. He was so spooked that he ran crying into the house, leaving behind a little trail of gloss paint footprints all over the deck and the cherrywood hardwood floors in the house. He had got over the trauma of it all (although I am not sure his parents have) and couldn't wait to take us to the scene of the crime 'big spill' he kept saying. Hmm, yes Max, BIG big expensive spill.................!


  1. Fab card Enfys. I never use peel offs either and I have a pile of them somewhere! Poor little Max (and poor parents)! ;0)
    Lana x

  2. Oh poor Max, lucky he's only wee, he'll get away with it. That card is stunning, you did a great job, know what you mean about peeloffs, but its better to use them if you can.

  3. Just had a catch up on your blog. The cards are fab! You made those Peel Offs look great! Much better than I could have done!

  4. I think your card looks cute. Sorry to hear about Max's mayhem...that would would be a good LO title.

  5. I'm like that with peel offs too- have them but never use them!
    the card turned out fab

  6. what is it about peel off's everybody has them and doesn't use them....i could open a peel off shop...but love what you did with them
    Hugs Kath xxxx

  7. beautiful card Enfys, love the sweet little geishas, you did a great job using the peel offs!
    Have a great evening, hugs Debx

  8. Hey there Enfys sounds like you had a wonderful Mothers day! Poor little Max!
    Hey this card is really fabulous i love the colour scheme and really love what you did with the peel offs! Im ashamed to say i have a rather snobbish attitude to peeloffs and never buy them but i might now go and get some oriental themed peeloffs as i really love this card
    love tasha xx

  9. Enfys, this card is gorgeous! I love the peel offs, especially the more elegant ones. I love the finished product on this card, and I know you probably tired of it, but it was well worth the time spent. I love it! TFS

    Hugz, xx


  10. Oh I feel so bad for little Max.... did he get into a lot of trouble? Sounds like you had a great mothers day -it's not mothers day here???? Love the card as always... wanted to ask you what you would suggest again for mu gluey guitar card, is there something special I can buy? my e-mail is: Thanks Enfys.

  11. Oh your card is gorgeous! Love those cute images and love your wonderful design!
    So glad you had a great Sunday!
    Your family sound so adorable!
    kim x

  12. Hi Enfy
    your card looks great!!!!!
    Have a nice day!
    Hugs Gisela

  13. I love what you've one with the peel offs. The colours are great.
    Poor Max. He'll be reminded of this for ever, even on his Wedding Day!!!!


  14. this came out very nice
    Oh poor Max

  15. Kids eh?!! Hmmmm.... peel offs I might just dig some of mine out!


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Enfys x