Sunday, 29 June 2008

Ballet Slippers Card

These slippers were cut from the Mickey and Friends cartridge. I must say that Minnie Mouse has the oddest shaped feet I have ever seen! I cut off the heels, added some satin laces and made a matching envelope.

The other photo shows why I have not done much crafting this weekend, I have been too busy entertaining my gorgeous little grandson Max, he is adorable and we had so much fun with him. Click on the photo for a close up, he has the most amazing eyes! Or maybe I am just a bit biased.........


  1. Oh Enfys, he is absolutely gorgeous! Don't you just love the times we get to spend with the grandkids? I can't believe how big he is getting and he was just born just before I got to know you!

  2. You are def on a shoe kick lately :) Your grandson is sooo cute- love the eyes!

  3. Wow fab card with the shoes but the main attraction is that gorgeous little guy and hey I know what you is lovely to spend time with the grandkids but hey it is tiring - they have so much energy ..I usually need a few days to recover.

  4. Enfys your card is gorgeous love the satin ribbon and minnies shes with the heels cut off! Very pretty card. Max looks adorable and those eyes! he's going to break some hearts when he is older!

  5. The card is lovely, En, but - oh my - what a handsome young man! You could just swim in those eyes!


    Heather xx

  6. Strange feet - I agree!!

    Glad to see the little one is strapped in - I can't do that any more with my two, but how I wish I can - at least I'd know what they are upto!!!

  7. You're right...his eyes ARE gorgeous. So are all your cards.

  8. Enfys hello friend, missed you there for a while glad, to see you creating again. The ballet slipper card is adorable, as well as your little cutie-pie with those beautiful eyes. TFS

    "Um Buggin"

  9. your card is gorgeous Enfys..and your D Granson is `beautiful` aw bless him I bet you ahve loads of fun:)xxx

  10. You have all the right to be biased...because he is simply too gorgeous!

  11. A beautiful card Enfys! My first visit to your blog has certainly been a wonderful visit - had to bookmark, or tea won't be cooked! Such beautiful granchildren ... they remind me of bairns in my family - they look so similar! I'll hunt out some photos and send them - you won't believe the similarity!
    Cheers from across the pond!
    Pauline (in Australia)


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