Thursday, 19 September 2019

Hobbycraft takeover for a day

Today saw me taking over the Hobbycraft Instagram page for the day - it was a bit of a big deal for me, especially as I am a bit of a newbie on that platform and don’t really know my way around! But thanks to lots of help from Aisha Green, the Papercraft design team leader, I made it! My story is a sort of ‘a day in the life of.......’ so, of course I had to include the children. See my Christmas makes @hobbycrafthq on Instagram 

When that was done and dusted, it was time to have a play with my new Foil Quill from WRMK, a really nifty little gadget that makes it easy to hot foil your Cricut design onto your cards. This is my first attempt - a thank you card for Aisha for all her help!


  1. Hi En, hope all is well with y'all. Lovely card. It's a technique I haven't seen before. I must have been under a rock! 😉 take care, Jess

  2. I wish I could watch you on Intagram but I don't know how to do it.
    Can you post to email or facebook? I can't believe the boys are so grown up and handsome!! And BTW, you look mah-vel-ous!!!


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