Thursday, 12 September 2019

Rekindling a love affair!

 For quite a while, I have let my Cricut gather dust in my crafty den, but recently I have rediscovered the joy of using it - there is a certain satisfaction in sitting there, watching a machine chunter away, doing all the hard work!

This first card is actually a design I made for my son in law who works in IT (with a different sentiment obviously). I thought it worked well for those tech geek types who are difficult to make for......

Then I started thinking ahead to Christmas, and made a couple of framed pieces which celebrate hobbies. I take no credit for the design, they were already done and all I had to do was work out which colours worked best, and send the machine on it's happy way.....I love the way they worked out

Isn't the next one perfect for a golf fanatic?

It's getting quite autumnal here now after a bit of a washout summer. That means a carpet of crunchy acorns on our drive from the big oak tree, and squirrels scampering about busy filling up their pantry before winter. I rather like this season, and enjoy changing colours on my cards, moving on to rusty autumn leaves after the pinks and yellows of summer floral cards. Do you change colours when crafting according to the season?


  1. We are the opposite here Enfys, it is supposed to be spring, and although there are a lot of trees on blossom, we have had a lot of rain

  2. Hi Enfys, love the Cricut designs you framed, great gifts! It's been a long, hot summer here in Georgia and I have no idea when we'll have some autumn like weather.


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