Tuesday, 13 August 2019

Winner of the Hobbycraft Bundle..........

Firstly, a card made with my old but much loved 'Lovely as a Tree' stamp set from Stampin up - I wonder how many of us have this set? It's appeal is timeless. I masked off the sides of the card to ink the background, then simply overstamped the trees. 

Alex came up with Molly (aged two) for a flying visit. We were sitting in the conservatory, and a bee was buzzing around frantically trying to get out. It was hot, he was getting exhausted and kept resting on a ledge close to the roof.
So I got a broom to try and gently guide him out. 'why you hitting the bonbon bee Ma?' asked Molly. I explained that he was very tired and needed help to go home to the hive. Eventually, the broom did the trick and away the 'bonbon' bee flew...................oh WELL DONE Ma! said my little bumble bee lover 😀 

On to the winner of the Hobbycraft bundle - I used Random.org to pull out a number and the winner is:


Congratulations Sue, email your address and they will be on their way


  1. OMG so surprised my name came out I clicked to see what the stamp was it is a beautiful card. I love the larger tree in the front really draws your eye. I love Bees but my grown up son hates them. Could be because as a kid he licked a ice cream just as a bee landed and stung his tongue gosh did we rush to hospital. Off to email you thanks so much.

    1. Oh,well done, Auntie Sue! (Said in my best cute two year old voice)👧❤

  2. Congrats Aunty Sue on winning the Hobbycraft Bundle, I just know you will soon be making lovely creations with your new treasures.

    Oh how I love your tree card Enfys. Yes, I have that stamp set too. I don't know what it is about trees, but I adore them on cards ... any kind of trees (willows, trees filled with blossoms, bare trees that are no more than branches, and the wonderful evergreen trees like the ones on your card). They have such versatility since they can be used for so many occasions and work well for both feminine and masculine cards.

    Oh that Molly ... what a little Sweetie she is. As they say, "Out of the mouths of babes, oft times come gems" ... and Molly is proof of that, she is full of these precious little gems, isn't she. She must keep you in smiles all the time.

    Hugz to you my Friend, hope all is well. xx Carol

  3. BEAUTIFUL, timeless card, Enfys!

  4. A beautiful card, and beautiful coloring. Congrats to Sue! Molly sounds like a real nature lover. 😊


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