Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Deck the Halls......

I have a stall in the craft fair being held at our local village hall this year, so I have been having fun making ornaments. These first ones were made with half of one of those clear plastic baubles you can buy, I built up a little scene using Memory Box dies, and added some fake snow and glitter....

Then some of my favourite paper pinecone ornaments, I haven't made any of these for years, I forgot how much I love them!

I also made these fabric quilted ornaments, Definitely to be given away to the family rather than the craft stall - if I worked out the cost and time, people would need to take out a second mortgage to buy one 😂

But I enjoyed making these gift tags. a bit of texture paste, some funky handcut trees.....

 So many absorbing ideas for Christmas makes....I enjoy making this type of stuff more than cards at this time of year. But I am a grasshopper and leap from project to project! 

Carol gave me a gentle nudge that the photos on my sidebar are a little outdated....I had an email from my daughter in law the same day with these new photos of Kiki and Monty

Right, back to the hohoho craft cavern......


  1. Love your ornaments, you should do well at the fair

  2. You have been one busy crafter!!! The ornaments and tags will be big sellers. I truly love the pinecone you made. Would you consider making a tutorial for them after your craft show? The photo of Kiki and Monty is amazing. Thanks for sharing this photo!! The years have flown by since I started following your blog!!

  3. WOW ... your ornaments (babbles?) look absolutely fabulous ... ALL OF THEM! The Christmas gift tags are brilliant too. You have so much more energy than I do. I simply would never be able to make so many wonderful Christmas pieces, and then to actually have a a stall at your local craft fair too. Enfys, you amaze me with all that you do ... and your creativity and talents amaze me even more.

    Uhhh, did I really give you a gentle nudge to update the photos of your grandchildren? Gosh, I didn't mean to do that (ummm, well, maybe I did *wink*). But it's not my fault, you speak of them so much that they almost feel like a part of my family too ... and I've missed seeing their sweet faces. Speaking of sweet faces, Kiki and Monty have changed so much. They both are growing up so quickly and although they have changed, Monty is still as adorable as ever and Kiki is just as lovely as ever ... in fact, EVEN MORE SO! You have such a beautiful family. Thanx for sharing these pics with us. Hugz, Carol xxx

  4. Hello Enfys, your tree decorations are splendid, especially the ones in the half clear bauble, very nice indeed. Wishing you well, best wishes, Mary, The Ribbon Girl


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