Thursday, 18 October 2018

Back in a colouring mood....

After months of hardly doing any colouring at all, I have been getting back in the swing - I forgot how relaxing it can be. This first card used the Splashing Puddles die by MFT and the sweet little girl from Rain or Shine stamp set. I have a thing about kids in shiny raincoats and little wellies, and I am on the hunt for some for Molly, so the boots and coat were given a coat of glossy accents

I'm really digging out my old stamps with this one, a Penny Black stamp, and a bit of paper piecing, I've always found it a useful stamp for a guy card

 I went with three friends to see A Star is Born. One of my friends had been and booked our seats for the 7.45 showing, we had been out for dinner, so were about five minutes late, but quite relaxed as those ads and trailers go on for ages before the film starts. But we walked in to a hushed cinema and the film had clearly started (big clue was Lady Gaga up there on the screen). The four of us slunk into our seats, and sat there for a couple of minutes before a penny dropped and we started whispering to each other 'this isn't the start of the film I don't think' one of us went off to investigate, she was gone ages, by which time the remaining three had sat through the saddest part of the film, without having a clue what was going on (we knew it was sad because lots of people were crying). In tiptoed our investigator, it turned out that despite asking for the 7.45 tickets when she booked, they had given her tickets for the 5.15 show, which we turned up for right at the end. So (probably to the intense annoyance of everyone else in the place) we shuffled out, went and had a coffee and returned for the start of the next show.
The downside of this was that after we had seen the film from the start, when it got to the really sad bit that we had seen before, we were consumed with hysteria at the ridiculousness of the whole evening, so when the rest of the theatre were sobbing and dabbing their eyes, we were sitting there with shoulders shaking with mirth.
The film was very good by the way. Look out for a really sad bit towards the end


  1. So stunning are both images Enfys l love them both just right for the young ones too! oh l want to see that film l love Lady Gaga's Music she act's so well in the film l have only seen snippets of the film but she was intervieved by Graham Norton with Bradly Cooper as her co star.... lol how funny l had to laugh but at least you watched the film from the beginning on the second turn round xx

  2. What adorable cards these are, both of them. It may have been a while since you done any coloring, but your coloring is just as fabulous as ever. Love them! BTW, speaking of Molly (and your other grandchildren too), don't you think it's time to update their photos on your blog? I only say this because I know that children change so quickly, even in just a few months. I have not see A Star is Born yet, but it sounds like a good one ... and even better than that was a wonderful evening out with friends. I'm glad you had such a wonderful time.

  3. These are super cute cards. I got a big laugh out of your trip to see A Star Is Born!!!


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