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Thursday, 13 September 2018

A new type of embossing.....

Those clever people at Spellbinders have come up with a clever idea - an embossing folder that embosses and cuts small details in one pass. For the first card, I inked the embossing folder with distress inks before running it through my machine, embossing it onto white card...I love the white lacy look, and the delicate little cut out centers of the flowers

 This next card was also embossed onto a white base, but this time I used a stencil brush to swirl a light layer of colour on top of the embossing, and added some black gems to the small flowers....

The last card was left white, but I cut diagonally across the blank space, and backed the whole piece with a gold foil - perfect for a golden wedding card. I like the way the gold shows off the delicate cut outs in the flowers 

So the children are all back at school for the new academic year - including a special first day for our family as Max has moved up to his secondary school

Good luck Max! His cousin Kiki is getting excited about her half term school trip - to New York! When did this upgrade in school trips start? When I was a kid I seem to remember getting excited about going on a bus to Tintern Abbey (which disappointingly was just a ruined heap of old stones when we got there). But these days, not only do they hop on transatlantic flights, they also have enticing offers of ski trips to the French Alps. I feel for the parents, it must be a lot of pressure for them, I'm rather thankful that the fashion for exotic trips hadn't really started when mine were at school. If any teachers are reading this, I don't really recommend Tintern Abbey as an alternative by the way (although it may have disintegrated altogether by now, it's a long time since I was at school!)


  1. Like the three different cards using the same embossing folder! Max is growing up to be a handsome young man and yes school has changed quite a bit in the last years.

  2. Your cards are lovely with the new folders, I had not seen this idea at all

  3. Beautiful cards, Enfys. I love how you've used the lovely embossing folder. xx

  4. These cards are beautiful! Max is so grown up in his school uniform, so handsome! I can't believe school trips are transatlantic in the UK. My poor son has only been on one trip out of 10 years of schooling! Our district isn't big on class trips which is a shame if you ask me. Best of luck to Max in his 1st year at secondary school.

  5. I love, love, love your cards Enfys ... all three of them. The delicate lacy look is gorgeous. I do belive that the cut and emboss folders have been out for a while now, but I haven't seen any as pretty as these. Max sure looks handsome in his school uniform, and so proud to begin the next level of his education. How do they grow up so quickly? I am in shock that a school trip includes a transatlantic excursion. WOW ... it's a far cry from when I was in school. the best school trip I recall is when we all bussed out to a forest to plant little fir trees. It was fun, but going to NYC would have been a trip of a lifetime! I hope it is a spectacular adventure for her.

  6. Cards are lovely. I am always looking for new embossing ideas.
    It is unbelievable how fast these children grow up. Wish they would slow down a bit so we could stop aging so fast.lol

  7. Beautiful cards En. I need to check out those folders! When I was at school, our senior trip was a day at a local amusement park! And we all loved it! Thanks, hugs Jess

  8. Fab cards Enfys - a reminder to me that I do have that folder and seem to forget to use it!

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