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Friday, 2 March 2018

A taste of 5* luxury......

We had a taste of luxury last weekend - at the Goring Hotel in London.......

 Now I am not a fan of publishing photos of hotel rooms, I mean, why on earth would anyone be in the least bit interested about where I lay my head for the night?

But I thought my friends from the USA would enjoy this, it's the hotel that a certain Miss Kate Middleton departed from, with her father, on her wedding day, to emerge from Westminster Abbey as the Duchess of Cambridge on the arm of her prince, to drive through the streets of London in a golden carriage.......truly the stuff of fairytales!

These life sized sheep footstools seemed to be a signature around the hotel, very comfortable they were too......

and this little sheep was on our bed for me to take home. 'Her name is Barbara' the valet announced. Barbara? How random! It wasn't until I really thought about it that I had a lightbulb moment............


Of course, makes perfect sense now

The wallpaper in the rooms was woven silk, make by the company who make the silk that lines the interiors of the royal carriages.....

 A bathroom to die for.......

One of the joys of a hotel visit in the UK - afternoon tea! This hotel is yards away from Buckingham Palace, and the Queen sometimes visits to take afternoon tea there (not when we were there though!)

I loved the floral decoration in the foyer - instead of showy flamboyant floral arrangements, they had simple pots of flowering daffodils and spring blossoms.......

and an evening at the theatre to see 42nd Street...perfect! Well it would have been even more perfect if I hadn't been sitting behind a Russian guy with a giant head. Honestly, the guy must have been a Nuclear Physicist at the very least if that giant head was filled with brains. He was determined that having paid a lot of money for his seat, he wasn't going to miss a single step of the energetic tap dancing, so the giant head wove backwards and forwards, side to side......while I sat mildly fuming with my inbred British stiff upper lip, far too polite to tap him on his giant shoulder and ask him to sit still....  

The trip was a gift from our children, what a brilliant present! They know we loved it.....

So a slightly different blog post from me today, but I hope you enjoyed it x


  1. Oh goodness! Now I want to come stay there for a few nights. Just stunning.

  2. How fantastic, it looks so amazing!

  3. Wow. I would have loooovvved this. Kudos to your kids

  4. What a lovely and thoughtful gift - such an elegant hotel and I love the spring flowers too. Glad you had a great time!

  5. Glad you both had a fab time Enfys, you deserve it sweetie xx

  6. Maryellen WebberSaturday, March 03, 2018

    Thanks so much for sharing this 5 star weekend with us!!! I would have been very upset also if I couldn't see the stage, 42nd Street is one of my favorite shows!!!

  7. What a fabulous trip from the hotel to the show. Your children know how to spoil their parents properly x

  8. Love the sheep. Not my kind of scene, but glad you enjoyed yourself. x

  9. Thank you for posting, I enjoyed reading this! I just want to touch that beautiful wall paper;)


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Enfys x