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Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Post It Note Holder - Spellblogger for Spellbinders

I have been making some little Christmas gifts with the lovely Note Holder die set from Spellbinders - perfect for little hostess gifts, or eyecatching additions to your table at a craft fair or fundraiser........

Here are the dies you get in the set - quick and easy to assemble, and those little flowers will be very useful for other projects as well! The completed holder hold a standard post it note perfectly
I changed it up a bit for this one, and made a note holder to place by my house phone. I found some kraft coloured post its, and used the little phone from the Hello Die D-Lites set to embellish it

 I found that my wood slice pen fits perfectly across the holder. Result - I'm always searching for pens!....

I never told you about Pizzagate - when Mike was ill, one of our sons came up to see him. Mikes appetite was poor, which we chatted about.  Ed left to drive home, and shortly afterwards there was a knock on the door, there stood a Dominos pizza guy with a delivery. 'not for me' I said. He showed me the printed label with our address on 'all paid for' he said
Lightbulb moment, our caring son had ordered lunch for us in the hope of tempting his dad's appetite.....how kind. But he had gone a bit overboard, there were two huge pizzas. But we gratefully cut a couple of slices from each, and enjoyed.........
Another ring on the doorbell. A woman asking (no, demanding) the return of her pizza! Apparently she had family for lunch and had ordered these two huge pizzas that we had nibbled at, they sat waiting for their delivery for ages, until she eventually tracked it to our house. She wasn't very pleased, or neighbourly, but what could we do but offer to pay, but she stormed off 
To cap it all my phone pinged with a return to the text I had sent Ed thanking him for his thoughtful gesture. 'Pizza? What pizza. Not from me mum.....' Oops
I can recommend the Hawaiian, meatball supreme not so much 😀😀 


  1. Love that die - nice samples too :) That pizza story made me chuckle!

  2. Thanks for the much needed laugh, hope your husband is feeling much better. Cute post-it note holder!

  3. So pretty Enfyn and creative as always .........ooooh l bet your pizza's tasted extra nicer knowing they wasn't for you's in the first place.....lol xx

  4. Fabulous gifts. Oops that was funny with the pizzas

  5. Pizzagate indeed - made me smile. That die set is a useful one and your samples are wonderful Enfys x

  6. How funny your pizza story! Love the new die set too.

  7. I really like the post it note holders. I laughed so hard when I read about pizza gate!!! Oh, if that happened to us my son would have a meltdown ! Pizza is his major food group!!! :D


I love reading your comments, thank you for taking the time
Enfys x