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Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Using up scraps with a rainbow.....

Here is a card I made for the Fiskarettes page, using up some scraps of card in rainbow colours. The butterflies were punched with the intricate shape butterfly punch and the Hello word die is by Spellbinders. I know there is no Indigo - I should have used a bigger card base 😀

An update on our little Molly - she is doing really well, has a couple of teeth and makes an unbelievable mess eating bits of toast. She is such a sunny natured little baby, the whole family adores her

I have to make a trip to Ikea to grab some stuff for the wedding. Why am I treating it like a trip to the dentist? I keep making excuses to put it off for another day. It's the thought of having to trawl around the entire store, following those arrows, when I know perfectly well that the stuff I want is in the bargain basement place. Last time I went there was a dramatic fire alarm and we were evacuated, the time before the lifts were out of order. I mean, have you tried carrying a flat pack containing a Jorgken  or Hinjjiar or Vidjik (okay, I made those names up) down two flights of stairs to the car park. Traumatised doesn't begin to cover it......


  1. Good Morning! Love your card! Good luck at Ikea and hopefully it will be uneventful! Little Molly is certainly growing up and such a beautiful little girl, you are so blessed!

  2. What a lovely rainbow card ... it's so bright and perky and would be great card for a number of fun occasions ... plus it's a fabulous way to use all those left over scraps (which I seem to have a multitude of).

    OMGoodness, Molly gets more and more adorable with every photo you post. I have no doubt that she is stealing everybody's heart. She's already stolen mine, and I've only seen her in pictures.

    I cannot really comment on Ikea as I have never been there, even though there are three Ikea stores near me. I don't know what's stopping me, especially since I've heard that they have wonderful storage items for craft rooms, as well as great household items. Perhaps I am worried that I too might be traumatized by the experience? Okay, that's probably not it. (*wink*)

  3. Love your card and Molly is so cute, I can see why she is such a joy to your family!

  4. Maryellen WebberThursday, June 22, 2017

    Very pretty card!!! Molly is so adorable, her smile is precious.

  5. Good way to use scraps.
    What a happy baby...
    I must admit I love Ikea. Got a gorgeous table lamp from there in the spring. x

  6. Gorgeous and clever card! Molly is sooooo cute and I can understand you apprehension regarding Ikea! They sell such super cool stuff though! xxx

  7. Beautiful card, beautiful baby :) and I feel your pain when it comes to Ikea ;)


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