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Monday, 5 June 2017

A wedding invite and some random thoughts...

Well, after a lot of hard work, the wedding invitations have gone out.....I forgot to take a photo of them but snapped this one of the first sample I made for Alex to see. The white hearts are quite glittery, the wording on the insert is gold, and I am pretty pleased with them

And here is a Fiskars card, again quite simple, but I like the fresh colours

Lastly, after the terrible events in London this weekend, I had some really lovely messages from online friends who visit this blog. I don't often make any sort of comment on events like this, but I am reproducing here a post I made on Facebook, which sums up pretty much how I felt on Sunday morning

Our children all live in and around London. They travel to work in London by train, tube, car, bike. They take our beloved grandchildren to the British Museum, Hyde Park, Hampton Court, to absorb the history, vitality and culture of this great city. Because of them, a big part of my heart is in London. When I talk to them today I know how the conversation will go....."don't worry Mum, we will be fine" - like millions of others, tomorrow morning they will get on to crowded tube trains, climb on their bikes and get on with the business of earning a living for their family. They are British, it's what we do. London has faced the Blitz and terror attacks in the past with the same stoicism and resilience that they show today. We are British, it's what we do. So for every terrorist bent on bringing this country to its knees, there are millions of Brits like my children, living, working and loving in their cities, towns and villages throughout the land. We are British, it's what we do


  1. Thank you for this post, Enfys. It brought me to tears to think of how you and your family soldier on in the face of such evil. Please know that MOST of us here in America care very much what happens in the U.K., and we wish only the best to our brothers and sisters there. We stand with you against those who would try to destroy us.

  2. The wedding card is beautiful Enfys, and I'm guessing that in person it's even more impressive with it's extra touch of bling. I really like the other Fiskars card as well, it's such a bright, happy card.

    I am so happy that you and your family remained safe during the recent attacks in London. I completely understand your abilities to pick yourselves up and carry on ... after all, you are British, it's what you do. Its also a commendable trait and I applaud you all. In this regard, I believe Americans are much the same way. Isn't it a shame that terrorists are so cruel and evil to do such things. You, us, or anyone, should never be put in the position to carry on ... but I am so glad you are British and it is what you do! (((hugz)))

  3. I loved your wedding invitation! I have been to London three times, and enjoyed every visit. We admire the British spirit of "carry on", and since we here in America were once part of Britain, we share that spirit. The USA will always stand with Britain against the evil in this world. I pray that we will one day be able to stamp it out permanently.

  4. I am a long time reader, I just rarely comment. Today, I had to. Love your cards (actually, I love all of your creations as well as your blog posts, you make me laugh!). Thank you for the rest of your post, my heart goes out to all the families and friends who lost their loved ones in these attacks. But yes, we will carry on in lieu of all the sadness and horror. I also thank everyone else who has commented before me as their words are very eloquently put. Kim in Texas.

  5. My heart, thoughts and prayers go out to you, your family, friends and the citizens of England. So tragic and yet a country that is so strong.

    I love your wedding invitation and have to say I also just finished wedding invitations for my niece. It's such a great feeling to know they are done and look fantastic! Nice job!

    I also have to say I really love your Thank you card! Nice job!

  6. Beautiful wedding invite and card! Hugs to you, your family and everyone in England.

  7. Love the wedding invitation Enfys. I responded to your FB post but will say again that I agree with everything you said. xx

  8. Proud to be British. Your fb post is spot on. Hugz


I love reading your comments, thank you for taking the time
Enfys x