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Sunday, 9 April 2017

Spellblogger - Succulent Garden

Time to play with some more Spellbinders dies - this time I used the Succulent Garden dies which I cut in white and coloured with ProMarkers.......... 

As I seem to be going through a phase of loving clean and simple cards at the moment, this set was perfect (plus being bang on trend). For this next card, I used the Nestability Classic Circle to cut an aperture , then I used the same die to cut a circle out of copy paper, and used the negative as a mask to ink a circle in vivid colours - I wanted it to look like a desert landscape..... 

and I added some spiky bits to one cactus with a black fineliner pen. Do go and browse the US store and have a look, you will see I am spoilt for choice about what to play with next. (If you are in Europe, they do ship internationally...)

What strange plants they are. When I Googled them, people can't even make up their mind whether the plural should be cacti or cactuses - and these are guys from universities having that debate. Why should they suddenly be so popular? Have people got tired of dead heading and pruning roses, and think 'I'll get something that never needs watering, and can just sit in a corner doing nothing for a few years'. Personally, as someone who regularly murders houseplants, I think they are rather useful. The inactivity bothers me a bit, as even with a spoonful of water once every month or so, they don't really go for rapid growth spurts do they? When we were moving house, I discovered a cactus plant that I had totally forgotten about - it probably hadn't been watered or even looked at for about six years. It was still alive! I felt a bit guilty and bought it over to the new house, where it has a regular sprinkle of water, it still sits there looking exactly the same as it did when it was totally neglected.......weird


  1. oh I think these are just wonderful!! love them both En xxxx

  2. Nice cards. I had to chuckle at your 'murdering houseplants.' It is cacti i have a problem keeping alivei. My regular houseplants do well. Perhaps i'm 'too attentive' to the cactus.

  3. I love your cards and love that you worked with catci/catcutes! LOL!

  4. Both of these are fabulous! I am notoriously bad at keeping house plants alive. I have two orchids that seem to survive inspite of me! One of them I even knocked down the stairs - it rolled down every step before I caught up! It must be a hardy little devil! Perhaps I should think about cacti/cactuses too! xxx

  5. Its because you love it. Its not the water or sun or plant food. Its that is lovingly tended, or untended with love😍.

  6. Love these cards Enfys. Using succulents or cactus as your accent embellishment is a refreshing change to the standard butterfly or flower or other foofoo bits that generally adorn my cards. In real life, I am not particularly fond of these plants. Although they do have a certain eye appeal, I am more of a fresh flowering greenery plant kind of girl ... the type of plants you can clip, bring indoors and put in a vase to add a spark of color and/or fragrance to a room.

    BTW ... Your cacti vs. cactuses comment made me curious. I actually thought the plural was "cacti", although I generally use the word "cactus", regardless of the number in question. My curiosity got the better of me so I had to do a little research. According to Wikipedia, it is .... A cactus (plural: cacti, cactuses, or cactus). How about that? It looks like EVERYONE is right! I am not trying to claim that Wikipedia is the know-all, wise source for all information within the universe, but since it gave me an answer I rather liked, I'm going with it! (*wink*)

    Hugz, Carol xx


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