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Monday, 25 July 2016

Gatefold Card with a twist - Tutorial

Here's a little project to use all those double sided papers you've been hoarding - you get two cards from one 12 x 12 sheet, so perfect for quick and economical mass producing. I have given the instructions on the photos......

Now your card will look like this.....

 Now fold the score lines on the little left over pieces, and glue onto the card as shown below (fold so that the other side of the pattern paper is on top......

Stamp or write your message on the insert....

Finish with a punched flower attached to just the left hand side of the card. Here's what it looks like folded....

This card would make great party invites, or even wedding invitations - you could add printed details onto the insert.

The horses in the field opposite my house have had two little foals, they are so sweet. I have been trying all day to get a good photo of them. I wish I had had the camera out when one of them tried to reach a tempting leaf on a branch just out of reach, those wobbly legs just weren't up to it, and she fell over in a ungainly heap of lanky legs. Mummy mare nudged her up with a toss of her head, as if to say 'KIDS!'

Talking of kids, I have some news I have been hugging to myself for a while now. I am going to be a grandma again! Our daughter Alex is expecting her first baby in November, I am so excited, rushing in and out of baby shops like a woman possessed. We won't know if the baby is a little boy or girl until the birth so at the moment he/she is just our little Peanut! 

See you tomorrow xx


  1. Blessings to the Mom to be and her little one and the happy Grandmom too!

  2. Thanks for the instructions, it looks really effective and I'm going to give it a try. But for the paper size on the first photo, should it read 12 x 6 rather than 12 x 11? An 11" tall card would be much too tall and thin, and you wouldn't get two out of a single sheet.
    Congratulations on the forthcoming grandchild, the joy of being a gran never seems to wear off, does it?

    1. You cut it across at 5 1/2 inches which would make your second card xx

    2. Aha, I've just noticed that when I came back to note the measurements down to make one - thanks Linda. I really ought not to read blogs before my first cup of tea in a morning!

  3. I really like this fancy card fold. So many possibilities! Congrats on becoming a grandma again and best wishes to your daughter.

  4. Congrats on the Grandma news.
    Pretty card and a great use for all those double sided papers.
    Toni xx

  5. Congratulations on your Grandma news, Enfys, how exciting!

    Love this fold, thanks for the tutorial. Beautiful card. xx

  6. Congratulations on your happy news Enfys. Your card is fabulous, thank you for the tutorial. Cathy x

  7. Great news on the 'Granny' front!
    This is an interesting fold, and well worth trying. Thanks for the instructions

  8. Good Morning Enfys. How very clever. I love this card. I certainly have lots of card. Congratulations once again on being a new Grandma. Hugs Rita xxxx

  9. Congratulations to you, your daughter and family! How exciting! Looking forward to hearing "Mommy to be" is doing.

    Thank you for your card tutorial, love the card and I can see so many uses for this style of card.

  10. Congratulations Enfys! May your daughter have a healthy baby. Thanks for sharing this card. I will give it a try.

  11. I love this card! Great way to use double sided paper! I miss your card making posts! And most of all - congrats on the new grandbaby!

  12. Congrats to you all. You'll just have get peanut clothes for now. Baby animals always work for both. And pastels of any color are great too. But I'm sure you already know that, but its such fun talking about new babies! Enjoy my friend!

  13. Oh how Wonderful!!! congrats to you and to the new sweet mommy to be and be good to mommy little peanut...
    Fab way to use double sided paper!! great card!!!

  14. First, thanx for sharing your lovely gatefold card. I see so many creative ideas for this design. I love double sided paper and am always looking for fun ways to use it.

    Second, I can imagine how fun it is to watch the two foals romp and play. Young animals are always such a delight to watch. I live in a residential area, so horses and other farm critters are not within view for me. The best I can do is watch baby feral kittens (which I adore watching) and perhaps a baby raccoon or possum, and although the last two are cute as babies, I do not want them anywhere near as adults.

    Third, and most important of all ... a great big CONGRATULATIONS to Alex. How exciting for her to be expecting her first child. I wish her all good things through her pregnancy and delivery. And how fun for you too. Like you, I love shopping for baby things, something about it just makes me smile. I know this little one will be a special blessing to you all. Being a grandmother is the best! Congrats again!

    Hugz xx


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Enfys x