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Wednesday, 26 August 2015

It's coming along.......

So the Ikea van arrived......

with rather a lot of boxes -

and a very jokey sort of driver....

Now for a bit of assembly.....

by the next morning, my room was starting to take shape.....

and a parcel of gorgeousness in the mail from my very good pal Kath

and just look at this fabulous wall hanging she sent me, it is supposed to be for my craft room, but it is the perfect colour for our bedroom, and so beautiful I just want to lie in bed and gaze at it, so I'll post a photo when it's in place...

I love it so much. Thank you Kath xx

So all those Ikea boxes didn't quite fit the bill, I had to go and buy a couple of shelves. That was a bit of an ordeal adventure. You know how they have this very clever marketing design that means you are forced to start at the top of the store and work your way down, meaning that you have to pass every single item of furniture en route? Toting a big yellow bag on your shoulder that you fill with all sorts of rubbish stuff you can't live without. Well I was almost done and ready to go down to the floor where you give yourself a free hernia tugging hefty boxes off the shelves, when sirens, very loud sirens started. Staff were rushing around telling everyone to evacuate the building, it was an emergency. We had to drop our yellow bags on the floor and trail down dozens of stairs. Outside, we all milled around like a disconsolate crowd of football fans who failed to get a ticket for the cup final. 'Blow this' I thought (or words to that effect), 'I'm going home'......but they wouldn't let me into the car park to pick up my car. A handful of burly guys in yellow high viz jackets were guarding the entrance and talking urgently into walkie talkies.
Eventually, after 75 minutes, we were allowed back in. The evacuation was due to a faulty smoke alarm or something totally banal. So off I went again, my yellow bag hitched over my shoulder. Trouble was, I had forgotten by this time exactly what I was looking for,(my list was in the abandoned yellow bag) and got down to the floor that they call Marketplace and I call the Jumble Sale floor, only to find that I had to get the lift back to the top and start all over again, third time lucky....
I paid, and was almost at the car after struggling to get my unwieldy cart into the lift, when I remembered I hadn't had my car park ticket stamped, so back into the lift I went.........got the picture?
Totally exhausting. I don't want to see another big yellow bag or a Kvissen, or Fjordan or anything with an incomprehensible name for a long long time
See you tomorrow, I may even have some photos of the almost finished room.... 


  1. IKEA is both fascinating and maddening .. I unfortunately forgot it was dorm room move in days the last time and the lines were awful

  2. Your new place is shaping up - and you are getting LOADS of exercise running in and out of those stores, I was exhausted just reading all that. :-)

  3. it's looking great so far En...can't wait to see it all filled with stash...hugs kath xxx

  4. Looking good, amazing what we can fit in a small space. Fab pressy from Kath too x

  5. What a lovely gift from Kath.
    The room is coming along beautifully but I'm not sure I'd have wanted to play the "IKEA game" - never been to my local branch as parking is a hurdle in itself.
    Toni xx

  6. Your room looks gorgeous, as for your "adventure" well what can I say, rather you than me! Love Jane x

  7. Sorry to hear of your misadventure, I would have had a meltdown after that ordeal. I love how you arranged the furniture. I love the present from Kath, she's so creative.

  8. Room looking lovely and Kath present beautiful well done Kath what a lovely lady, I must confess never been in an IKEA store but I heard it can be traumatic hehe Hope your settling well in your new home Enfys even with all the work in progress love and hugs.

  9. What a beautiful present, well done Kath!

    Regarding Ikea, I FEEL your pain....no matter how much I want something from them I'll stay away and take my business elsewhere until they make it easier and hassle free to shop there.
    Why should I work so hard to spend my money in their store???

  10. What a lovely friend Kath must be. Not only was her gift a sweet thing to do, it was also a perfect addition for your new home.

    I am so glad that things are "coming along" and that you are settling in to your new home and making it your own. It looks like your new craft room is looking spectacular. Once you have it completed, I know it will be the ideal place to once again create your fabulous masterpieces.

    BTW, I have never been inside an Ikea store. With 3 or 4 stores just a short distance from me, you would have thought I'd have ventured in by now ... but nope, it hasn't happened. After reading of your great adventure, I think I will continue to avoid that experience a bit longer.. (*wink*)

  11. Looking good.... Are you going to be able to fix all your goodies in this space.....
    Cannot wait to see the finished product...

  12. Your room looks like it is coming together rather nicely! Love your beautiful gifts!

  13. This makes me glad I don't have a local Ikea store! I hope you have all the things you need, and don't need to go back.... ever. And are able to start moving your stash into all the pristine shelves etc soon.
    Big hugs, Jess

  14. I'm loving your room! So awesome, even the mis-adventures included... What a great friend you have in Kath, her artwork is awesome! Enjoy your new room.

  15. Oh my word, definite craft room envy, Enfys, though I don't envy you your adventurous trip to Ikea!! (But do wish there was one a bit closer to us!) Hope your settling into your new home well and it won't be long before all those shelves are full! Hugs, Lisa x

  16. Love Kath's canvas - I won't relay your story to Mr P, I have never been to Ikea and if he hears your story he will definitely say NO!!!! Your craft room is shaping up nicely, look forward to seeing it when it is finished

  17. You crack me up! I laughed (and groaned some) as I read your description of your Ikea adventure and then had to read it to my hubby and we both laughed. Love their stuff and we just expect and enjoy an adventure every time we go. Have fun getting everything set up! Love your crafty talents too!
    carolyn in nebraska

  18. Ah, the curse of IKEA. There are things you want and you like to forget what an absolute nightmare it is to find them and then get out. Your craft room is looking good though. Hugz

  19. Looks amazing Enfys, it will all be worth it in the end. X

  20. The room is looking great ! Love those drawers ! I wish I had an Ikea close by although I'm sure my Hubby is glad I don't ! :) Looking forward to seeing the finished progress ! Loved hearing about your adventure !
    Anna N.

  21. Oh, but it's taking shape very nicely Enfys. I'm sure when it is finished it will be absolutely perfect for you. I hope it wasn't raining when you were all milling around outside, that would be the final straw.
    Pat x

  22. Quite the adventure I'd say. Our closest Ikea is about an hour away in Canada, guess it's a good thing it's not closer, I'd be in big trouble!


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Enfys x