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Monday, 9 March 2015

A bit of a social whirl.....

 I've been missing in action this weekend, the past few days have been a bit hectic, a couple of long leisurely lunches with friends - the lovely sort of lunch when you laugh and chat, and laugh some more, and before you know it it's evening!

Then yesterday was a quick dash down to London to have a family lunch, 
such a treat to have us all together, here are cousins Monty and Milo.... funnily enough, these two look EXACTLY like their daddies (my sons) at that age

After lunch we walked to Clapham common, where the kids had a great time....  

Kiki's legs are so long, she could almost touch the ground when on the climbing frame...

and here is a very rare photo of me with all four grandchildren

So that explains my lack of crafting for the past few days, but I did get some happy mail on Saturday which I will be using next week - these gorgeous new stamps from Clearly Besotted

On Saturday we saw what looked like the first day of Spring, it was sunny, clear blue skies and the temperature mid afternoon was around 14C (that's 55F) - so a lovely day, but hardly a heatwave. So how many idiots did I see?
Two teenagers wearing skimpy little sleeveless tops and shorts (!)
One portly old guy wearing baggy navy shorts, long socks, a long sleeve shirt and a woolly hat (!)
One rotund young guy wearing baggy cargo shorts with flip flops and a winter jacket (!)
One sensibly dressed woman, who was pushing her child in a buggy - Mum wearing jacket, jeans etc, child wearing a frilly little summer dress and sun hat (!!!)
We Brits really do have a serious problem with this sunny day thing that we get every so often....

See you tomorrow x 


  1. Sounds like you have been having lots of fun Enfys!!
    Grandbabies are the best, even though Monty and Milo are cousins they look some what alike. Their eyes, nose and their grins look a lot alike :)
    My thee Sisters kids and my boys look a lot alike also. As a matter of fact I have been stopped shopping before and ask me if I was one of my nieces Mom.
    I love those HAPPY BIRTHDAY stamps.

  2. Great picture of you and the kids!

  3. Oh you sure have been having a busy time. And as much as I enjoy crafting, I have to say that you had way more fun. Love the pictures of your grandchildren ... they sure are growing up, aren't they. Kiki, with her long legs and long hair, has become such a lovely young lady. But the best photo of all, is the wonderful photo of you with all 4 grandchildren ... that one is a treasure!

    You Brits definitely do like to enjoy the sun, regardless of the temperature. However, the attire of the "idiots" you saw, was really no surprise to me. I am sure you recall how the Floridians dress when the weather changes. Since it is sunny and warm most of the time, a slight dip in the weather can induce some to pull out their hats, scarves and woolen coats (even though the temps have just barely dropped below 70) ... and then again, we have those die hards that wear tanks, shorts and flip flops year-round, regardless of the frigid temps. Gotta love it!

  4. I love all the photos of you and your gorgeous family Enfys (and the stamps, obvs). But my favourite thing was in the background of the second picture down. From 1967-1972 I lived almost on Clapham Common and would play in that playground at least once a week. Most of it has changed (playground furniture is so much more fun/safer now). But that sandpit - I don't think they have done a thing to it! I have a vivid memory of playing in there and delighting in the fact that I knew all the words to the chorus of Yellow River - which was released in 1970. Ah happy days. There are lots of photos of me on the Common, but not in the playground so thanks for the trip down memory lane :)

  5. Great pics. Monty looks just like you.

  6. Great pictures and fun times! Your Grandchildren are beautiful and you are such a proud Grandma!

  7. Hi, Enfys,
    Sounds like you had a wonderful time over the weekend. Good for you. Everyone needs a break now and then between scraping, it recharges your batteries.

  8. How the kids have grown! We have idiots here too. Lol, we're having a couple of days of warmth, after a cold snap. So I expect we'll see a couple of idiots today.

  9. Here in New Hampshire we have had a LOT of snow and well below freezing temps for weeks and last week I saw tow men, neither young, and one was wearing knee length shorts and the other wearing sandals, no socks. Mind you it seems quite common here to see people out and about in freezing weather wearing shorts, sandals, no jackets etc.

  10. Wonderful picture of you and the grandkids!!

  11. Wonderful picture of you and the grandkids!!

  12. Great picture of the grandkids... Looks like you had fun... Love the new stamps and cannot wait to see what you make with them. Our temps this week are in the 50's and a few 60's. So tired of winter and ready for spring.

  13. Maryellen WebberMonday, March 09, 2015

    I wondered what you have been up to lately. So glad you have been out enjoying yourself.
    Love the photo of you and your grandchildren. Can't wait to see what you create with those new stamps!!!

  14. Family is ALWAYS an awesome excuse to push the crafts to the back burner in my book! PS Don't think it's only Brits with the weather change issues, I've seen people wearing shorts, flip flops and sweatshirts all winter long!

  15. PS - That would be here in WA state, USA, where my side of the state gets down into the teens in winter, but also into the 100's in the summer!
    TK Watson

  16. Absolutely lovely picture of you and the grandkids! Sounds like a fantastic weekend too! Going to check out those stamps - TFS!

  17. Sounds like you've been having a wonderful social time lately. Beautiful pictures of the kids and that one with you is wonderful! Adorable kids and that Kiki is growing into a beautiful young lady, she'll be all grown up before you know it! She has lovely hair! Thanks for sharing!

  18. Lovely photos Enfys looks like you all had a fab time too!

  19. That is a lovely photo Enfys, gorgeous grandchildren. I like the new stash too. As for sunstroke, we get our share of crazies round here in summer gear at the first sign, it won't be me - ever! I was probably still in my many layers, thermal leggings bought this winter - bliss, under jeans, with knitted leg warmers on top, boots, and that is just the bottom half!
    Cazzy x


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