Saturday, 7 June 2014

Winners - and some Disney....

 First of all, I have quite a few winners to announce today. Some of them are a bit late, sorry about that, life took over!

The lucky winners who will get a Polkadoodles Work and Play CD are




The two winners of the Letraset Artists aquamarker sets are

Joanna Mackintosh


and the winner of the Craftwork Cards mystery box is


Congrats to all of you, email me with your address and they will be on their way to you

I promised to tell you about my trip to Disneyland Paris, here are the children waving goodbye to the white cliffs of Dover.......

When are we getting on the boat? asked Monty when we were about a mile out to sea - he thought it would be small and wooden!

Cuddles in the park.....

and Kiki chose the most stylish mouse ears in the place - I couldn't resist them....

and of course, there were a lot of these photo ops!.....

A couple of little anecdotes, Monty was running around the hotel children's playground, chatting away to some other little boys. He came running up 'Ma, those boys won't talk to me'
They are French Monty, they don't understand you
'Well, I've done the bonjour thing you taught me, and they still won't talk to me! - the universal language of childhood seemed to kick in, as they played happily together until it was time for bed

There was a 65 minute wait to have your photo taken with Mickey, so I opted to stay out in the sunshine while they did this - I've met Mickey a few times, and never find him a great one for conversation. After about five minutes I was bored, so I took it upon myself to act as unofficial photographer for couples - you know the type of thing, boy takes a photo of girl standing in front of a flower bed, swap over, girl takes a photo of boy in front of same flower bed. So I asked if they would like me to take a photo of both of them together. I did this for quite a few people and got quite animated about it. I was complimenting little girls on their princess costumes 'wow, you look JUST like Cinderella, is she your favourite?...and so on. Flushed with my people skills, I made my way back to the bench to sit down and a middle aged woman dressed as Pocahontas (I thought, I'm not an expert on Disney characters these days) sat down beside me. 'Great costume' I enthused
She looked a bit bewildered
'Hindu' she replied

So it was a lovely, and very special time to spend a magical few days with two of my beloved grandchildren - scrapbook next I think...

Have a great weekend x


  1. Congratulations to all those lucky winners thank you for the chance too

  2. Congrats to all the winners. Thanks for the pictures and stories of Disney!

  3. Thank you so very much Enfys and congratulations to all the other winners.

    Family & Life have to "get in the way" from time to time - they are important.

    Love the photos and your 'Oops' made me chuckle - sort of thing that I would do.

    Have a great weekend (even if the weather isn't supposed to be great).

    Toni xx

  4. Lovely pics, definitely needing scrapbook pages. Congrats to the winners x

  5. Brilliant, really made me smile this morning!

  6. Congratulations to all the winners.thanks again Enfys for the chance to win.Looks like you had a ball.the pics are fab.Hugs Debbie x

  7. Hi Enfys oh wow it looks as if you had such a fabulous time in Paris as did the children, and you are right about children your grandson seems such a lovely little boy and will find making friends easy in life. Sorry Ive not been by for awhile. hugs Shirleyxxxxx And I think they look so much like you.

  8. Congrats to all winners and oh the children look like they are having a lovely time thank you Enfys for sharing your lovely photos x

  9. Congratulations to all the winners.
    Lovely pics. Mickey ears blended well with your hair. Your comment on Pocahontas costume made me cuckle.

  10. Hi En, glad to see you recovering from your time at Disney. What a wonderful Gran you are. I seem to be the one who offers to take the tourist's couple pix. At least you entertained yourself. So did the kids love the park and their time with you?
    Thanks for the pix of your time together. How did you get on with your back? Well, I'm off now to make several cards. I. Got behind again... grrrr! Lol thanks again, hugs Jess

  11. Maryellen WebberSaturday, June 07, 2014

    Congratulations to all the winners!
    Thanks for sharing your Disney adventure with us. You are a sweet grandma.


  12. Ha, love your story about Monty's language skills and your people skills. Happy to see and read that you all had a fab time at Disney.
    Also love seeing my name pop up as one of the winners. Woot! I've been wanting to try and watercolour some flowers for my cards...
    Will be e-mailing you right away.
    Congrats to the other winners as well!

  13. Congratulations to the lucky winners and enjoy your new goodies! Loved the Disney stories. We've been to Orlandlo 4 times over the years and always had a wonderful time. BethAnn M.

  14. Love your stories! Glad you were able to spend time with your Grandchildren making memories! Love the Mickey ears!

  15. Congratulations to all the winners... Way To Go!!!

    I loved seeing your photos of Disney Paris with the kids. They are adorable and the stories are fun too.

  16. You brought back memories of my trip to Disneyland California with my three grandchildren years ago. Such fun for all of us. Your kids were the perfect age to take and I'm sure you all had a blast.

  17. Lovely pics, thanks for sharing their and your story. hugs, Helena

  18. Enfys, I loved your story with the Oops ending - just the sort of thing I would do. Thrilled to bits that I'm one of your winners, I love Polkadoodles so I'm looking forward to receiving the CD. Congrats to all the other winners too. Pat x

  19. Congrats to the lucky winners

  20. Congrats to all the winners! How fun to be receiving such wonderful treasures ... I know each one must be delighted.

    It looks like you had a grand time at Disneyland Paris. Love the way Monty's mind works as he was looking for his little wooden boat ... and also his disappointment that he could not speak with the other children. How fun that they all find a way to communicate in their own language of 'PLAY'.


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