Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Watercolour Get Well Card....

 Now this may seem like a simple little card, but I am quite proud of it, it's a freestyle watercolour card, and I love the way it turned out. I picked up so many tips from the Online Card Classes watercolour for cardmakers course, but this is the first chance I have had to put any of those tips onto paper......

I used Letraset aqua markers - I scribbled the colour onto an acrylic block then picked it up with a wet brush and started sloshing it onto the watercolour paper. I added a few tiny drops of stickles and liquid pearls.... 

So we went down to Surrey on Sunday for a family party for Max and Milo, Milo was five on Sunday, and Max is seven today. They had a big party for their friends on Saturday, so Sunday was our turn. Max announced that he was going to give us a magic show and that we would have to pay nine pence admission. 
'Wow, that's a bargain' I exclaimed
He did a hasty rethink......
'Oh, I got it wrong, it's £1.97 each, but anybody under 26 gets in free'

Random! Okay! 

So he rigged up his 'stage' and kept disappearing under a blanket, aided by his brother......we waited for ages....and ages.......

but all was well eventually when he pulled a scarf out of his hat.....I tell you, the cheering that went on from the proud grandparents, you would think he had produced a live rabbit......

Great fun. See you tomorrow x


  1. Oh Enfys, magic tricks are an essential part of a boy's development! My eldest brother and two of my grandsons have both 'entertained' the family with their amazing sleight of hand (not!!). Must tell you this story. On holiday at a holiday camp with our young children, they had a magician on for the kids. All were sitting enthralled with the magic, then our youngest daughter (aged 3) piped up "You put that up your sleeve". His response? "You'll make someone a wonderful mother in law". I still smile when I think of it nearly 40 years on. Pat x

  2. Love your card! Love the look!

    I am glad you're feeling better! AOL has a bad habit of dropping some of my mail. Yesterday I realized there were several I hadn't been receiving in addition to yours. Here I thought you were still laid up. Just finished looking at your latest creations and discovered I haven't seen anything since the day you said you would be taking it easy for a couple of days until your back was better. Glad you are doing so much better and back to creating! Angry with AOL so I will have to come up with another way to ensure I receive my daily dose of your beautiful creations!

  3. I too think magic is essential to children growth. My boys wouldn't learn, so I did. When each boy started school, they would volunteered me for every special occasion there was!!! It was fun. Can't remember 1 trick today!

  4. What a pretty card this is ... love the look of the effect of the watercolors, it's such a soff, gentle look. The blues and greens look fabulous together, and the little bit of bling is so perfect. Great card.

    How fun that magic show must have been ... and I know you must have been admitted for free. After all, you are under 26, right!

    BTW, I haven't commented on your blog recently because somehow my Google account got messed up. Not sure how that happened, but I believe I have it fixed now.

  5. How fun! Love your card. I almost signed up for that class. Now I'm wishing that I had.

  6. Don't you just LUV LUV to see the grandchildren do magic tricks..they're facial expressions alone is sooo worth waiting and waiting lol...you are going to have such beautiful memories..glad to hear you back is better

  7. whimsical looking. so soft.

  8. Lovely card Enfys - the soft watercolours look so pretty along with the bling.

    Sounds like a fab weekend.

    Toni xx

  9. A magic show is always fun and bargain admission. Just love the watercolour card. Must give that a go. Hugs

  10. A really pretty watercolour. Love the softness. Sounds like you had a good weekend with a bit of magic thrown in too.

  11. Well done on your hand-painted flowers. This class was so much fun, wasn't it? I've only managed to create 4 cards so far, using the monoprint technique (so much fun!) and creating 2 watercolour backgrounds using pencils and distress inks, but I'm longing to create some more ...


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