Friday, 1 February 2013

More Cherryblossom

Here's a couple more cherryblossom lane cards. For this first one, I printed out two of the inserts by mistake, and couldn't waste all that loveliness so I used it for the front of the card - all ready coloured, Nikky usually uses ProMarkers but for this collection she used watercolours, which gives them a lovely soft handpainted look......... 

and here's the inside of the card with the insert in place, I used one of the printed sentiments from the CD.....'what a beautiful way for love to bloom'

 and these two little rabbits giving each other a hug will be a favourite for a lot of people, I printed out the background and cut them out before popping them on with  foam pads - I printed them twice, so I decoupaged the heads and the frills on their dresses for a bit of dimension......

another insert to finish the inside.....sorry about the shadows from the window, winter photos are so difficult to get right

and I turned it into a sister card with this sentiment....

Don't forget, you have until Sunday to enter your name for the draw for this CD - scroll down to the post and leave a comment there

Jessica asked a question about USA and UK card sizes yesterday, these are in inches, converted from the metric to give you a rough idea
8" x 11" - A4
5" x 7" - A5
4" x 6" - A6 (this is pretty much the same as USA invitation size)
3" x 4" - A7

I have a poorly chap here, my husband has hurt his back and is in a lot of pain. At times like this I really wish we lived in a bungalow instead of a three storey town house - especially as the long awaited shipment of stuff from the Florida house is being delivered on Monday. Some serious leg toning is about to take place I think. I may apply for a summer job as a lifeguard on a beach somewhere - oh rats, I forgot you don't just need toned legs, you have to be able to swim more than five yards. Never mind.....


  1. Hi En,
    I would love the Cherryblossom.... Hope I win.


  2. Love, love, love!!! Living in Japan, cherryblossoms are one of my favorites!

  3. Beautiful cards!
    Hope the hubby is up and about soon and no more pain!
    You are too funny, have a ton of fun unpacking all that good stuff from Florida.

  4. beautiful cards en.
    I hope you are feeling much better now and mike's back gets better soon too.
    huge hugs Lou xxx

  5. Fabulous cards Enfys - those images are just gorgeous. I hope hubby is soon feeling better and can helo you with all that unpacking. Have a good weekend. Pat x

  6. As always.......beautiful
    Joyce L

  7. Sorry to hear about your husband.
    Hope he is on the mend very soon.
    I love the cards you created with
    the Cherryblossom CD. Those bunnies
    are so adorable.


  8. WOW ... these cards are so very pretty ... the more I see of your work with "More Cherryblossom", the more I am loving that CD. Each card you've made is lovely!

    I'm so sorry to hear about your DH's back. I have intermitten back issue myself, and it's definitely no fun. Please take care when your precious Florida cargo arrives on Monday and avoid any heavy or awkward lifting ... I would hate to see you injure your back too!


  9. What lovely cards. Hope your hubby is up and about soon, nothing worse than a sore back.

  10. So sorry to hear about your hubby. Back pain can be so difficult (you seem to use your back for everything!) Sounds like you are in for some good cardio workout as well as toning. Have a wonderful weekend.

  11. Sorry to hear about your husbands back. I can surely relate. Now's the time for him to forget about being macho and hire some high school football players to run up and down your stairs with your Florida treasures.

  12. Maybe I will win the CD...Hope hubby is feeling better. Wish spring was here. Cannot wait to see who won the CD...Your card are so cute and love the bunny..............Thanks for a chance to win.

  13. Enfys........
    I thought I had commented on this before but don't see it. I love these cards they are so cute. I love the bunnies...Good Luck to all and thanks for the giveaway.

  14. Sorry that your hubby's back is out of commission; hope he returns to the vertical state soon! I'm sure you will discover all sorts of treasures from Florida. The cards from the CD are so pretty, and the bunnies are my favorite. BethAnn M.

  15. Oh thank you my friend!!! I have wondered about these sizes for... well...ever! lol
    I'm sorry to hear Mike has hurt his back! Having a bad back myself, I know how important it is to take care of a back injury. We humans tend to over do. So please make him listen to the doctor! And, with his back, How in the world are you going to deal with all the things arriving from the states? And try not to hurt your own back in the process!
    I imagine there's a ton of crafting goodness in the boxes. Oh my gosh...two of them too! lol Oh to have such a problem...
    Lovely card! Very cute little bunnies! I love watercolor, so I'll bet these images are wonderful! TFS Hugs,Jess

  16. beautifully done ..luv the soft watercolors..poor hubby back pain is the hubby is with the terrible flu and now I feel your pain....

  17. Fantastic cards Enfys loving the colours you have used and the images are brilliant. Hope your hubby is feeling better.
    Hugs Linda

  18. Love it

    Joyce L.

  19. Gorgeous card! I hope your husband's back gets better soon and you be careful with that delivery! Don't hurt yourself too!xx

  20. Aaaaaww Enfys, hope your hubby's getting better..what fantastic cards you made with Cherry blossom..perfect cards inside and out! Ruby x

  21. Hi Enfys, this looks a fab CD, you have made some lovely cards with it.
    JennyP (UK)

  22. WHat beautiful cards! Hope hubby gets better soon xx


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