Tuesday, 19 February 2013

A Flutterby of Butterflies

 The problem with cardmaking at this time of year is that by the time you have finished, the light has gone, so this card has a strange blue hue, in reality it is very white. I punched some butterflies from white cardstock, then punched the card into scallop circles, and added some pattern paper behind the butterflies. I used my favourite get well sentiment stamp and drew a couple of lines with a fine tip black liner pen. It called for more butterflies so I cut a little flock (what IS the collective noun for butterflies? Is it a flight of butterflies? Too lazy to check....) with a Memory Box die,  and dotted some gems around. 

Edited to say my pal Anne tells me it's a swarm or a rabble of butterflies. A rabble? Who thought of that, peaceful little butterflies fluttering about and they get called a rabble?

There hasn't been much of a chance to play with paper for the past few days, I'm afraid that Mike is still suffering greatly from nerve pain in his back, and it seems to have been a round of surgery visits, pharmacy visits and hospital visits. He went for a blood test today, the hospital is only 50 yards from our house, but of course he can't walk much at the moment. So I dropped him off at the entrance, the room where they take blood is just by the door,  and promised to be close by to pick him up. Hollow laughter, there wasn't a parking space in the place, so I drove around the block seventeen times (yes, I counted), to see him staggering out almost on his knees - the haematology lab had been moved to the other side of the hospital, quite a walk from the original place. It took a couple of cups of restorative tea before we could have a laugh about it.......

Today though, I am sneaking away for an hour or two to make a quick visit to the Stitches show at the NEC, this is the big trade fair for the UK, the equivalent of CHA or Frankfurt. Quite a few of my pals will be there, and I promise to take my camera to let you see all the latest goodies on offer


  1. Thanks for the posting. I love the butterflies.... Great card.... Hope the hubby gets better soon... Stay safe and warm...

  2. oh en!!poor Mike, I do so hope he feels better soon. My mum's friend just had some injections in his back to calm his sciatica and he feels so much better now, I do hope they can sort mike out soon.
    Gorgeous card too hunny and have an awesome day at the trade show
    huge hugs Lou xxx

  3. Hi this is nice and i seems to be that butterflys are on trend at the moment,every were i look there seems to be one lol love the card.
    AJ X X X

  4. I love your butterfly card, its so pretty! The sentiment is fabulous! Poor Mike, I hope his back is easier today xx

  5. Beautiful card Enfys l like butterflies and yours look stunning x

  6. I am so sorry to hear that Mike is still feeling so poorly ... I had truly hoped he would be on the mend by now. Sending prayers your way that his improvement comes soon!

    Enjoy the Craft show Enfys ... I wish I could go with you ... but since I can't, I'll be looking forward to those pictures!


  7. This is a beautiful card. I love all the pretty print butterflies. I hope Mike is better soon. Have fun at the show.

  8. Poor Mike and poor Enfys - hope things improve soon!! I think a group of butterflies is a "flutter" - if someone knows differently please let me know - I won't be able to sleep now until I know - LOL!!!


  9. Love the card En! I love butterflies.
    I have nerve pain, so I know what Mike is feeling. I don't think there is any pain that's as bad! So I do sympathise with what he's going thru! If it wasn't for Neurontin...I'd be in bed all the time. I really hope he finds the right doctor and the right medicine to help.
    Hugs, Jess

  10. lovely card, think the word is kaleidoscope but maybe I am just making it up angxxx

  11. Oh I feel every pain Mike is experiencing sicne I went through all of it in 2010. I won't bother you with my horror stories. Here's hoping all goes well for him. I know he has a good nurse! Have a ball at the show. I envy you.

  12. Your butterfly card is so pretty! Makes me think that Spring is coming soon. Hope your husband is feeling better; maybe he's the one who needs the Get Well card! BethAnn M.

  13. Poor Mike - I do hope he improves soon. I suffered for years with back trouble & finally a chiropracter sorted it. I love your butterflies - what a pretty card. Pat x

  14. So sorry to hear about your husband
    struggling with this back pain. I hope you have an enjoyable day at
    the trade show. Can't wait to hear
    all about it!


  15. Luv butterflies!!!!! Soooo sorry hubby is still in pain...hope all goes well for him and the right drs can help him.....

  16. as always I love your card. So sorry to hear about your husband. At the hospital I work at had we found out he need to walk so far and was in pain we would have insisted on getting him a wheelchair and excorting him to the proper location and back again to meet you. We are told to look for such instances and help out our patients. That is part of our job. Hope he feels better soon. My husband suffers from chronic back pain so I understand.

  17. What a lovely card. Very pretty indeed!
    Sorry to hear Mike is still having problems, I can so totally sympathize with him. Hope he gets better soon.
    An hour or two you say? I'd have a problem keeping it to an hour or two. lol Hope you had fun, can't wait to see the pictures!

  18. Fabulous card, En! Sending lots of positive energy to you both. It's awful to be sick/injured and equally awful seeing someone you love in that state.
    I checked and there are apparently two acceptable collective nouns for butterflies: a rabble or a swarm. Neither one appeals to me for such a delicate creature, but I think rabble is a bit better.
    Have great fun at the show!
    Sue Brailey

  19. I'm sorry Mike is feeling poorly.
    He is in my prayers.
    Love your butterfly card! TFS.
    dmcardmaker (at AOL)

  20. Neat idea using the butterflies that way. Card is so colorful.

  21. En I loved that card - the design is simply gorgeous! Hope Mike is feeling better


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