Sunday, 20 January 2013

Teddy Bears Picnic...

Here's one I made for the Craftwork Cards blog today - go HERE to see the others....the base card is one of their ready made step cards - genius, saves all that measuring and cutting..... the papers are Moorish, and the bears are Alfie Bear stamps. The balloons were cut with the Cricut

Sorry this photo is a bit dark, I took it when there was a blizzard outside

I spoke too soon about my recovery, there has been a bit of a relapse here, I'm fed up with feeling unwell now and it is a strange bug, just when you think you are on the mend, wham, back it comes's time for it to go now, not welcome here! I have done the bare minimum of crafting, just keeping up with design team stuff, it's piling up, I need to be fit and healthy to get on with it.....
In the meantime, the snow keeps falling, so I am keeping warm and snuggly indoors

Still no word from the person who won the ProMarkers, so if I don't hear by Monday night, I will draw another name, so see you then x  


  1. This is a beautiful card Enfys the image is so lovely and the colouring is superb great layout too! x

  2. Really beautiful card - I love it!! Sorry you are still poorly - sounds like the bug that I had, started getting better and then wallop I was bad again. I had it for a good two weeks in the end - hope you feel much better soon.

    Karen x

  3. Love the card! It's just adorable!

    I know what you're going through with the cold. I've had this mess since just before Christmas and it won't go away! I'm on my second round of antibiotics and steroids and I'm still feeling wiped out and I have no energy at all! I want to craft so badly but just can't seem to muster the strength! Here's to hoping we both get well soon!

  4. So pretty and cute...great colouring!! Lee-Ann
    ps...sending healing thoughts...feel better soon!

  5. such a stunning and cute card and pretty design.
    greetings from ann

  6. Öh my goodness. This is beyond cute!!!!

  7. Adorable card! The flu was the same with me - up, down, still down, up a little, etc. I finally did completely recover. There's hope.

  8. huge hugs En, I feel your pain on the bug, Mo has had another bad weekend with it :( grrr!
    gorgeous card though hun, love the card candi cherry on the top of the cupcake!!
    huge hugs Lou xxx

  9. What a stunner Enfys! Gorgeous style, beautiful images and amazing colouring. Stay warm indoors Enfys, these viruses aren't nice at all. Take care. Ruby x

  10. Love this card! Teddy is so cute, and your coloring is wonderful. Thank you for sharing it, and hope your "bug' goes away soon. BethAnn M.

  11. Sorry to here that it's back.This flu is a bad one. It took my son, Matt, about a month to get back to(almost) normal! Take care of yourself, many have ended up in hosp.
    So rest, rest,rest and be well my friend.
    I love that card. I dont bellieve I've seen a pre-made one over here.
    TFS Hugs Jess

  12. Don't you just love teddy bears?? Super card! Hope you are on the mend soon.

  13. This is a really pretty card, so cute and colourful.
    I hope your virus leaves you soon, I know when I had it over Christmas it felt like forever before it completely went. We are snowed in here too.
    Kim xXx

  14. I so love this card ... totally adorable! I do hope you are feeling well again soon. I've been through a very nasty bug something like that, it knocked me completely off my feet and was bed ridden off and on (mostly on) for nearly 3 months. I don't wish that on anyone, least of you Enfys.

    Please take care and allow yourself time to heal properly, or that rascal bug will keep returning.


  15. Oh dear! sorry you're still feeling rotten Enfys. Great card though - even if you are feeling rough. Take care, plenty of hot toddies, stay indoors and keep warm and get well very soon. Pat x

  16. I love the teddy bear and the stair step cards are so neat. Sorry you had another attack and I hope you return to good health soon. I sure hope I am the new name drawn Monday.

  17. Adorable card! I love this style of card and you did a beautiful job with it.
    Sorry to hear you are under the weather again.
    Stay warm and feel better!

  18. This card is adorable Enfys!!!!
    I love these teddy bears.

    My Sister's family has had the Flu, stomach virus and then the Flu again.
    I sure hope it doesn't come to my house. My great nephew that is 9 months old had to spend another night at Children's Hospital :(

    Hope you start feeling better soon.

  19. Sorry you haven't felt well but this is an amazing card. Stay warm and hope you asre on the road to recovery supper fast.

  20. Oh En, I hope by now you are totally on the mend. The world needs you, so sending hugs and prayers.

  21. I LOVE the card !!

    Anna N.

  22. I always love to see your cards. There are so many cute ones here.

    Carolyn Wilkerson


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