Thursday, 24 January 2013

Monkeying around....

Here's one of a set i made for Papercraft Inspirations magazine this month. My brief was to make four cards with a monkey theme, with a 'sorry' sentiment (this was hard, I've never associated cute monkeys with regrets....) but as always, I love a challenge, so here is one of the cards I came up with. The monkey was made with punched shapes, I rather like his sad little face (easily turned into a smiley face for a happy card!) All the sizes and the other cards are in the magazine, on sale now in the UK, next month in the USA and Canada...

Thanks to everyone for all the get well messages, they brightened my day. Still in recovery mode here, and the snow keeps falling. I wish it would all stop - I am desperate to get cracking on stuff, get my hair cut, go out for a coffee, go down to London to see those munchkins, maybe tomorrow I can make a start......

In the meantime, random musings from the sickbed...

Why do women who tell us about the weather on TV always wear sleeveless little shift dresses when they are telling us that more snow is expected and temperatures will struggle to get past -5? What's wrong with a nice chunky sweater like normal people wear?

Why do last year's fur lined leather gloves always mysteriously go missing just when you need them most, to reappear in the Spring when the sun is shining?

Repeat last question for that stylish little winter warmer woolly hat that you picked up at 75% discount in the summer sales and put away in a safe place all ready for a bit of winter warming, except the summer sales are on again before you find it....

Why do dogs love snow? I would have thought it would have been most uncomfortable to walk around with all those snowballs hanging off your coat....

What's wrong with flannel PJ's? I don't think they're funny.....

See you tomorrow...x


  1. glad to hear you are feeling better. Love the monkey

  2. Your monkey is a cute little guy and that expression is perfect for the sentiment.
    Very interesting musings. Some of the things I wonder about too.

  3. Super cute card! You crack me up...totally true!! Lee-Ann :)

  4. Such a cute Monkey Enfys. I always make one of my Great nephews that I use to take care of, a Monkey card for his birthday. When my Sweetie was still here he Always called Colton Monkey boy. For Colton that is such an endearment that he will never forget.
    his was be a good one for him :)

  5. he he he he!! oh thats fab en! I love the way his face looks like he is in trouble too! its awesome.
    Still no more snow here, rest up hun and get better
    huge hugs Lou xxx

  6. You must be feeling better - your sense of humour is coming through again! Love the little monkey's face and the sentiment. Pat x

  7. Now honey listen good, flannel p.j.'s are a must, you just need to buy them two sizes too big. Not all dogs love snow, mine looks at me with pistols in his eyes and a look that says ''heads are gonna roll'', it don't matter none if your gloves don't match or you wear a cat on your head instead. And last but not least... today it is minus 40 celcius up here in Canada!

    Love ya Enfys, keep making us laugh and take care.

  8. LOL Enfys - glad you are on the mend and great post! Love the monkey! TFS

  9. Who couldn't forgive a monkey like that? LOL. Adorable.

  10. Love the quips from the sick bed, but more importantly, I am glad to see you in good spirits and on the mend.

    Adorable card too! Looks like you pulled off the task with your Monkey card .. you amaze me again!

    BTW, I like flannel PJ's too ... they are so snuggly. Too bad there is rarely an opportunity to wear them here in sunny Florida (I am sure you can relate to that one!). *wink*

    Continued recovery wishes to you Enfys!


  11. Love your museings. They are all sooo true. At least snow is pretty. Here in West Tennessee,USA they are saying we are to get freezing rain after midnight. I have to be at work at 7 am at the hospital. I love your little monkey. I may have to try the happy one for a birthday card for my grandson. We call him Monkeyboy.

  12. lol, I've often wondered the same about dogs and cats. Don't their feet get cold? Or dont they care.
    I'm going to try to make some monkey's for cards etc for my newest grandson. His nursery is full of jungle animals. But he's our little Monkey Butt! lol Love the card. I'm going to get that mag next month. Hugs, Jess

  13. I love your monkey card! It must have been a challenge to make it.
    Hope you are feeling better. I've
    been to the doctor today and have
    a respiratory infection. It's no fun being sick!


  14. Your monkey looks so pathetic and sad. He's probably upset because you've been too sick to come out and play. So glad you are on the mend though.

  15. Snow has been replaced by high winds and heavy rain here - still very cold (grrrrr).

    I love thick cosy PJs.

    Your monkey is lovely and makes for a super card.

    Glad to hear you are on the mend Enfys.

    Toni xx

  16. I am very glad you are feeling better. Your monkey definitely looks as if he is sorry - love it! xx

  17. Love your monkey card Enfys, very cute. You are hilarious girl but I know exactly where you are coming from lol. Why is it in summer you put an old warm chunky jumper into the recycle bag and then search the house for it in winter lol.


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Enfys x