Friday, 15 June 2012

Flexmarker winner and anyone for coffee?

Sorry I am late posting the winner of the Flemarkers, time has run away with me this week. I used a random generator, which came up with


as the winner. Congratulations. Email me and I will get the markers in the post to you.

A coffee card today, I realised that I HAD to have the Love you a Latte Cricut Lite cartridge about a year ago, moved mountains to get it and have never used it. Oops. So here is my first offering. I wanted to make a card that I could enclose a coffee gift card, so I stitched around the panel, but left the right hand side open so that I could slip in an insert........

I ran the band through a corrugator, and embossed the heart.......

and the insert is just a simple card with a stitched pocket that is just big enough for a gift card. I cut a scallop circle and a plain circle to make a 'pull' tab for the insert.......

I have been busy doing stuff with our friends from the UK this week, we visited Homossassa wildlife park to see the manatees, and today we lazed around on the beach of Honeymoon Island, so not much time to craft

I must share a conversation between my son Edward and his three year old son, Milo. They were expecting friends for lunch last weekend......

Ed: Don't forget to share your toys Milo, and always say please and thank you - what must you say? 

Milo: Can I have my toys back ....... please?



  1. Milo cracks me up. congrats to your winner. Great coffee card, can you promise a Duncan Doughnuts moment, like you always seem to have? Have fun playing tourist and tour guide.

  2. Congratulations to the winner. Enfys...cute card..quit working so hard and enjoy your friends and your darling grandson Milo!!

  3. That boy Milo takes after his granny me thinks Enfys lol. I love him. Card is just gorgeous and such a great idea.

  4. Your grandchildrens are so brilliant kids :)
    Fantastic idea for a gift card. Thanks for sharing.
    Eret xx

  5. Out of the mouth of babes comes such knowledge. Cute giftcard. I stood looking at this cartridge just yesterday. Congrats to the lucky lucky winner too.

  6. Milo could be a great comedian someday. Very clever. Where in Florida do you live? Sounds like the West Coast. Anywhere near Trinity or New Port Richey? Love the coffee card.

  7. Oh my goodness Milo is one smart cookie. I do mean the brain kind.
    Love the card and glad to hear I am not the only one who has to have stuff she doesn't use. LOL
    Love the card! Shouldn't it be for Dunkin Donuts? It is more fun to people watch there. LOL
    Miss those stories.
    Enjoy your time with your friend.

  8. Milo is so wise for his years, ha ha! Congrats to the winner, the coffee card is really cute. Enjoy your time with friends.

  9. Love your card. Will have to pin this one for future card making.
    Sounds like you're having a fun and relaxing time with your friends.
    Kids are too funny aren't they?!?

  10. Children do say funny things, don't they? I know one little girl who, when asked what she wanted to be when she grew up, said she wanted to be blonde! Her friend said she wanted to be an American. I suppose I should have specified that I was talking about jobs.

  11. Thank you so much! I’m excited to have won the Flexmarkers, I can't wait to try them out! I love this card, I'd like to case it for my husband - he loves his Tim Hortons, as do so many here in Canada.
    I must tell you I enjoy the stories and photos you share with us about your lovely grandbabies).

  12. Hi Enfys wow love your die cuts, I bet you had a wonderful time seeing the manatees. hugs Shirleyxxx

  13. Your DGS is hilarious!

    I also had to giggle about the Thanks a Latte cart, which I also HAD to have when it first came out, but alas, haven't so :(. Your card looks wonderful though and reminded me that I should really go play with that cart soon.


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