Monday, 18 June 2012


Here's another coffee card, made with the Thanks a Latte Cricut cartridge. I cut the latte mug at 4", added some bead sprinkles and a button for a cherry. The sentiment is a Studio G one I picked up ages ago, I notice it is creeping more into the vernacular now - even the Prime Minister is said to enjoy his chillax time.........

Talking of chillax, that's what I have been doing. Today we went down to St Petersburg to the Salvador Dali museum. I have been many times before, but they have a fabulous new building - I forgot my camera, so this photo is off their website.  As well as being reminded about Dali's life, I learnt a few important lessons:

1. He was as mad as a box of frogs!
2. There is no Dunkin Donuts between our house and St Petersburg
3. Being asked for the zillionth time if I know someone's aunt/penpal/cousin who lives in Staffordshire/Scotland/London/Birmingham gets a bit boring after a while
4. There is something very uplifting about lots of sparkly blue water and sunshine - we ended the day in Hurricanes on the Pass a Grille beach. Lovely!

See you tomorrow, with some photos of a project that's been keeping me busy when I am not chillaxing.........and I promise that's the last time I use that ridiculous word  


  1. Love this - simple but fun. Love the colors and that gingham with together with the dotty trim! =)

    Oh, since you're hanging out in Florida, do you know my best friend's neighbor's great aunt Charlotte? She's down there somewhere. ;) LOL

    Have a great week with lots of, um, chillaxing. (I hope this word has a short life, not my fave slang term this decade. sigh)


  2. Adorable card! I love your button "cherry!"

  3. Love the card Enfys.

    As the weather here in the UK has only just decided to warm up a bit I'm not keen on any words that contain 'chill' LOL

    Toni xx

  4. Oops I meant to comment here but did so on your June challenge pas instead. Love your latte card.

  5. That's such a cute card, but a weird word. I had a hard time tryig to figure out what it meant. I love the gingham paper. I don't have any relatives in England!

  6. The Dali museum is a beautiful building and his art, although wierd in someways. is very interesting. Especially the hidden figures that if you do not look closely, you would miss.The grounds are done very nicely, too.

    Dianne Bell -

  7. Great card, love the beads and buttons!
    People really ask you if you know someone just because they live in the UK? Do they think the whole of the UK is one little tiny town? That's like asking me if I know someone because I live in New York State.
    People are strange!

  8. Cute card, I also love your button cherry!

  9. Another wonderful card with the cart I've yet to use :(. It's been linked to my G for over a year now. Thanks for another great inspiration.


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