Thursday, 25 February 2010

Easter card

Here's a card I made for Papercraft Inspirations this month, my brief was to make a religious card, rather than secular little bunnies and eggs. I was delighted to be asked to do this, the true meaning of our festivals seems to be lost these days. I cut two rectangles, and ran them through the cuttlebug, using the distressed stripe folder, then inked the edges in bronze ink. The background piece is embossed with the script folder, and the lettering is American Craft thickers, in white, that I swiped all over with the bronze inkpad. The flowers were punched, and the leaves are a Martha Stewart punch.

I have been struggling with a bad cold this week, it's that time of year isn't it? My head feels all woolly and fuzzy - nothing new there then. I have still managed to make twelve cards today - yes, twelve - but they are for a magazine, so I can't share them yet.
I had to pop into town, and parked in a meter zone. Would that machine accept my money? Would it heck. I kept putting the coins in, it kept spitting them out. In the end, I spotted the traffic warden on patrol and said 'the machine won't take my money'. 'Oh yes it will' he said grimly, and put my coins in. Would you believe it, that dratted machine swallowed them and belched out my ticket. Can machines recognise traffic wardens? Do they know that you don't mess with them? I asked him, but he needed a sense of humour transplant and stalked off without answering. Pity that, I would have thought that seeing the funny side of life would have been a great asset in his job..................


Carol<>< said...

sorry about your cold, fun story, maybe he could use one of your cards!
12 cards, that is amazing! will be looking for them,

Veronica said...

That is an awesome card. I'm in agreement with you. We lose sight of what the season is all about. Thank you for sharing.

Sandy from Ukiah said...

Oh Enfys, I so agree, the meaning of Easter has got lost with the easter bunnies.. Beautiful card.

Jo said...

Enfys, this is so lovely ... wonderful in its simplicity. So sorry you're not feeling well, but glad to know it hasn't interfered with your creativity or sense of humor!

Hope you're better soon ...

Jo xx

Kath said...

beautiful easter card and yes sadly the true meaning of our festivals is long gone...loved your jobs worth story...why do none of those folks have a sense of humour...hope you are feeling better soon....big hugs kath xxxxx

Kaye's Crafty Place said...

Beautiful card Enfys and nice to see using the true meaning of Easter. Hope your cold is better soon but obviously not stopping you too much making 12 cards in one day.

Traffic wardens never have a sense of humour except when they see you running back to your car just as they are putting a ticket on it with a smug smile on their face.

Kaye x

Scrappymax said...

What a great card En and lovely to see a true meaning of Easter card.
You had me laughing again with your story.
Looking forward to seeing your creations in PI.
Max x

Kim Piggott said...

Oh wow this is so amazing!
Beautiful colours and such a fantastic design!
Sorry that you are suffering with a cold hope it gets better soon!
Your experience with the traffic warden is something that happens to me. He definitely needs to lighten up though!
kim x

Melodie said...

A beautiful card with wonderful colors.

Lynne said...
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Craftyanny said...

Fantastic card Enfys and yes, it's lovely to see something remininding us what Easter is really about.
Did you craft from dawn till dusk yesterday? Tweleve cards!!!! Takes me all my time to manage one lol saying that I've love to do some magazine work given half a chance:)
Anne x

Lynne said...

Beautiful card. Funny story!

Nikki said...

This is beautiful Enfys!
Hugs, Nikki

Lisa said...

Oh where to start Enfys? I'm sorry about your cold and hope you feel better soon, don't forget yummy English tea with honey & lemon, or just honey is good too!!! Your card is absolutely lovely. It is nice to see a card that truly celebrates the joy of Easter!

I have nothing I can say about the parking warden story...I think you must be my sister from another Mother as this happens to me often as well! LOL

Be well soon my friend!!!


GrannyCharlotte said...

Love the card and that it truly captures why we celebrate Easter. Thanks for sharing. Poor traffic warden - work would be so much easier if met with humor :)

barbieq said...

I love all your work! I really love the "HE IS RISEN" card!!!

I think you should give a card like this one to your meter warden.

"Have a Blessed Day"

AShu93 said...

Beautiful card! I may have to scraplift that one.

And I've not found too many cops with a sense of humor. Your story sounds like something that would happen to me, only I wouldn't have been able to put the money in, no cop around & then as soon as I'd leave, they'd show up to give me a ticket!

DonnaMundinger said...

Beautiful card En! Love the simplicity of the cross and the lovely textures. I can't even comment about 12 cards in one day, ESPECIALLY when you're under the weather. Mind boggling! xxD

Debby said...

Your card is is so beautiful and elegant. ahope you feel better sonn and your story is just too funny.

Would love to see a video on how you inked this card!

Carol said...

Oh Enfys ... how you make me laugh, that ole traffic warden could use with a bit of your sense of humor. Perhaps that parking meter didn't want your money because you had a cold? (which I do hope goes away fast and that you feel better soon.) But at least it did take the money, regardless of whose hand was feeding it!

Oh, and did I say, Beautiful card! Can't wait to see the other 12 cards you've completed as well!

Have a wonderful day!


Kristie said...

Some people just don't have a sense of humor do they? 12 cards in one day, I'd be lucky to make 12 of the same one in one day! You are amazing, now you got me wanting to see them! You are teasing us terribly!
Hope the cold is gone soon.

Connie said...

Sorry about your experience with the Meter Cop! Some days things just don't go as expected!! Love the card. Wanted an idea for a religous Easter card and there it was! Thanks.

Maryellen W said...

Beautiful card! People really ought
to lighten up, life is too short
for being grouchy!
Thanks Enfys, I love your work,
you always brighten my day!
Atlanta, GA

TR said...

I usually don't send Easter cards.
But I really like this one.

(hug) TR

GrammaR said...

What is it with government officials that life can not be funny? Sorry about your cold, at least it hasn't interfered in your productivity, 12 cards! He is risen indeed!

Jessica said...

LOL,that's probably why folks don't like the traffic guys or gals! Catch 22, they don't like us because we treat them badly,we don't like them because they treat us badly....A sort of the checken or the egg dilemma!
I love the card, I was wondering if one of my emb. folders would work for wood texture:) Thanks a bunch!!!

Grammy GG said...

Your card is just lovely. I agree that we often forget the reason behind the holiday and it is important to remember. That being said, I want you to know I checked out your other Easter Cards too. My second favorite, I confess, was the little bunnies with the Prima tails. How clever and cute!! Thanks for sharing your wonderful ideas. PS Sorry about your cold--hope you feel better soon.

Regina Easter said...

oooooooooooooooo yes i love this..i think we both has the same idea in mind....i hope you feel better soon..hugs

furrypig said...

Beautiful card my parents would love it, might give me some ideas/inspiration!

My Creative Time said...

Your card is BEAUTIFUL! it's funny that you said about the bunnies, because I literally just finished my bunny card & posted it to my blog!!!
You did an AWESOME job once again! Get well soon, drinks LOTS of fluids & plenty of rest!

Nannieflash said...

Oh Dear you do seem to find them Enfys dont you, I love your card its gorgeous and I know if my mum had still been alive she would have loved it. With love and hugs Shirleyxxxxxx

Stacey said...

I hugged a traffic warden once as he didn't write me a ticket!!! They can be nice!!! This card is lovely, it is so nice to see a more meaningful easter card! I love the subtle tones it is just lovely x

scotspanda said...

gorgeous card En, I really love it


Amanda xx

eiyiyi said...

Beautiful card, Enfys. Hope you feel better soon! hugs, eileen

Marion said...

This is just perfect for Easter. I had a good chuckle about the traffic warden. Hope you feel better soon.

S Glup said...

Beatiful your talent and thank you for sharing...Sheri G

freetimegone said...

So sorry to hear you have a bad cold. I don't know how you were able to make 12 cards. I can't make that many even when I feel good. I love your Easter card with the cross. Like the others I agree that we have forgotten the real meaning of this holiday.

mckinkle said...

Lovely religious card Enfys, that are many people who prefer the correct Easter card and its lovely to see yours as it's so fresh and clean without being too formal.

Hope your cold clears soon.

Wet one side of a coin that doesnt want to stay in a slot meter next time!(No, I dont lick the coin, I just wet my finger!)

Keryn x

kisatrtle said...

seeing the funny side of life keeps me going!

Sharon said...

OMG!! This is just gorgeous!! I love love love it!! Your meter story is so funny. And wow, you made 12 cards in one day. I'm lucky to get 2 done in a day. Usually only one gets made and not always finished!! :)

loftylass said...

A lovely card Enfys and I agree with everyone else that the true meaning of Easter isn't always celebrated - sadly a sign of the present day... Hope your cold improves quickly (12 cards!!!!) looking forward to seeing them. tfs