Thursday, 17 September 2009

Polly Polkadoodles

Well I still haven't unpacked all my crafting stuff to get organised - will I ever get it done? Well I will if I can just stop dashing around every shop within a 20 mile radius
So here is a Polkadoodles card that I did for the challenge a couple of weeks ago but never posted on my blog because it was when I was ill. All the papers and images are from the Sugar Birdies CD. Don't forget to pop over to the Polkadoodles blog tomorrow to see all the new challenge cards, there will be tutorials on there for some rather funky stuff as well

Great little sentiment circles, and don't you love that black and whlte polka dot paper
I promised an up to date photo of baby Monty, this was taken a week ago, he is 13 weeks now and utterly edible - even more so when he is cuddled up in his towel after his bath
and here is my Kiki, when I am there, nobody else is allowed to do the bathtime routine, and just before I took this photo she said - out of the blue - "I love you Ma" - well I love you too sweetheart, you are my most special little girl

Grandchildren are such a joy!


  1. Love the card, it really is wonderful. And oh those grandbabes! They are spectacular. Isn't it just the best thing ever? hugs, eileen

  2. fabulous card!

    gorgeous baby!

    and kiki looks like christine dunst! and i'll just bet she's a little actress too!

    and YES! if i knew being a grandma was gonna be this terrific i would have done it FIRST! LOL.


  3. Awesome card as always ... and those grandbabies are too cute...

  4. fabulous card Enfys! Just wondering, do you have 2 of everything, one set in the Uk and one in the US? I am struggling at the moment waiting for my stash to arrive from the UK, it is painful! hugs Debx

  5. Ah, En so glad you've made the "crossing" and are setting up shop on this side of the pond. Such a darling card and I agree - Grandbabies are the best!...Kris

  6. Love the card Enfys and your grandbabies are way cute. Yes grandbabies are the absolute best aren't they? I adore my 3 little babies so much and wondered what I did before they came along lol.

  7. Darling card but cuter babies!!
    Did you check my blog for my post about YOU!!! It was done on Sunday, the 13th I believe. Hugs, Barb

  8. Brilliant Card just love those papers, what great pictures of yout 2 little angels, nothing like being a Nan is there
    Hugs Jacqui x

  9. Oh Enfys this is fabulous!
    Such a totally brilliant design and gorgeous detail!
    Those grandchildren of yours are utterly adorable yes they do give us so much joy!
    Thank you so much for your lovely wishes I really appreciated them.
    Have a great weekend!
    kim x

  10. The card is beautiful, lovin the polka dot paper too. You have two very beautiful grandchildren there, what a joy!!

    Who needs to unpack when there is shopping to do?

    Kaye x

  11. wow the black and white polka dot stars are awesome on this card!
    beautifly done lovin the doodling as well!
    yes grandkids are such a joy they just grow to fast my oldest will soon be 18!!!oh my time does fly.
    have fun with your friend!

  12. Stunning card Enfys. love the BnW.

    Gorjus grandchildren.

    love Karen x

  13. Fab card Enfys - I love the layout. What lovely grandchildren! Cheers Claire x

  14. awww en,i love kiki's cheeky smile and monty looks so cute in his teddy towel. your card is great too xx

  15. Oh how cute .... and the cards not bad either !! he he
    no its a stunning card and those 2 angels are adorable
    Hugs Susie xx

  16. I am a grandmother too. You are right; grandchildren are so much joy. You have beautiful grandchildren. Just charming, I think. Hugs.

  17. Love the card En and those pictures of your grandchildren are priceless.


  18. Adorable card En, but your pix of the grandchildren are priceless! Glad you're back in the USA! xxD

  19. Yes...Grandkids are a joy. What great pictures! Oh yeah...fabulous card too...LOL!

  20. What merry Eyes she has. Monty looks a little unsure of the camera, but he is adorable!!!


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Enfys x