Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Thank You Joan

Look what arrived in the mail, this really sweet card from my online friend Joan. The cup and saucer is made out of fabric which she stitched, and inside the verse reads 'I wish we could sit down together and have a cup of tea, but since we can't, when you have this one, I hope you'll think of me.

Isn't that sweet? Joan lives in Florida, so although we have never met, it's quite within the bounds of possibility that we will one of these days.


  1. awwww how adorable is that!! Joan did a fabulous job. Love it!!


  2. Thats lovely and a really nice thought.

  3. How SWEET!!! It's so nice to see things like this! Enjoy Enfys! that was very sweet of Joan!

  4. how cute is that?! whata lovely thought and such a nice card. i love the fabric xxx

  5. What a creative card and lovely thought! Love it! xxD


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