Friday, 20 February 2009

Funky Hand On TV Tomorrow

Anice, the lovely designer on Funky Hand has a live TV show on Ideal World tomorrow night, featuring her new Funky Daze CD (the one with the word books, that sold out within minutes last time it was on). She will be doing some demos if you already have the CD, and if not, here's your chance to grab it. Live on Ideal World, 6-7pm Saturday night, be sure to catch it and see all the design team samples as well. One of mine is the PLAY wordbook I did, with photos of Kiki playing with her doll. Those of you not in the UK can see the CD on the Funky Hand website. Good luck Anice!


  1. Will try to catch that show, haven't got any of their stuff yet... lol.

  2. I saw it and congratulations it was the first one shown, and I love it.

  3. Beautiful, I think that is just completely awesome. Good job!


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