Thursday, 1 January 2009

Award Time

Look what Justine gave me - she is a very regular visitor to my blog and it is so sweet of her to think of me. Pop over and see her work HERE I have been very remiss about putting these awards on the blog just lately, I am supposed to nominate 5 of my favourite blogs, but I want to nominate all of you with blogs who come on here so regularly and leave me comments, so copy the picture to your blog and tell everyone that I think your blog is fabulous.

The other thing we have to do is list five addictions. Well, I don't know if addicted is the right word, but

Ribbon freak

Pattern Paper freak

Stamps, give me a new stamp and I am in heaven

Sex and Booze (only kidding, just put those in to see if you were still awake)


  1. `Conrats` Enfys..soooo deserving the sex and Booze!!!Only joking I`m coffee total really..hope youv`e had a great Day:)~X~

  2. LOL! You're too funny Enfys! Thanks for the laugh! Hugs!

  3. you deserve the award had to laugh over the sex & booze sure did wake me up LOL

  4. Ha ha ha, yes I always read right to the end Enfys!

  5. Oops! You already got it! ;p


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Enfys x