Monday, 12 January 2009

Another Award

Thank you so much to Michelle, Tammy and Sonia who all gave me this award. I love visiting their blogs so hop over there and take a peek. I am passing this on to

Kisatrtles - who has a wonderfully humorous blog, beautifully written observations on life

Okieladybug - Okie is one of the leading lights of the Cricut message board, and again, always makes me laugh with her self-depracating style of writing

Softbrn - Soft is the perfect foil for Okie, and together they form a double act on the message board

Lou - loopy lou who has a great blog and is a frequent visitor to mine

Heather - Heather Bares is the guest designer for BBTB this month, and is producing some fabulous creations. Go see.


  1. omg!!!! thankyou so much enfys. i don't know what to say, i am very honoured that you chose me.I am having an emotional moment as I haven't had my blog that long and this is such a nice surprise to recieve xxxxxx

  2. congrats to all of you that received the all your blogs.

  3. Thanks! What a nice treat to my otherwise treatless Monday! You inspire me.

  4. Oh my goodness... I'm just seeing this!. thank you so much for this blog award even if it is late!..

    I love all of your creations and I am always on your blog drooling!...


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Enfys x