Thursday, 13 November 2008

Two Cards For Men

Yes, one of the most difficult tasks in the world is to produce cards for men who don't golf, sail, enjoy soccer or any other sport, but I think either of these would fit the bill, because of the colours I chose. They are both made with stampin up images, and the papers are Daisy D's. I must say, although they are a challenge to make, they are not as much fun as making cards for girlfriends, no pretty flowers, no sparkles or bling.
We went to friends for a fabulous lobster dinner on Sunday night. Carol and Alicia had made a trip on Saturday to the guy who sells the live lobsters, and had very specific instructions from him as to their care until they made that headlong dive into a pot of boiling water. So they returned home and carefully put them in the laundry sink/washbasin with ice. The lobsters were heard skittering around at about 11pm. The next morning, Carol went to walk her dog to be confronted by Alicia on her drive. 'They're DEAD' she said tragically. Yes, the ice had melted, and they had drowned during the night. No I didn't know that lobsters could drown in fresh water either. A frantic dash to the computer produced the information that they were quite safe to eat. So we did, and jolly delicious they were too, although we did ask each other 'Are you feeling okay?' rather a lot during the course of the evening, and were all quite relieved that we woke up feeling good on Monday morning!


  1. LOL! Great story, Enfys! Oh, and the cards too!! I am favoring the frog one.

  2. Great cards for men! That SU! Viola set is on my wish list...


  3. love these cards and your lobster story! so funny! Years ago my husband brought home a 4 pound lobster! It was so huge that my kids wanted to keep it for a pet! LOL! We didn't, we ate it and it fed all 6 of us!


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