Thursday, 20 November 2008

Lola's Christmas Pudding!

This may not make much sense to readers outside the UK, but when someone is pregnant, we say 'she's in the pudding club'. Of course, the traditional dessert on Christmas day is the plum pudding (which is so rich and heavy that after stuffing themselves with turkey and all the trimmings nobody wants to eat. But tradition is tradition.) So here is Lola, bump and all, for a fun Christmas card. The sentiment was computer generated. I can't imagine who will be getting this one :) Image as before, from Pink Petticoat Oops, just noticed I have left the H out of Christmas. Back to the computer..........................


  1. VERY cute card !

    But do you realize you left the H out of Christmas ?! I did the very same thing last week when I printed out a Christmas sentiment ..didn't realize until I had the card all put together and had to rip it off!

  2. Oh How Ca-ute is Lola!! All in red and looking a-glow too!!! LOL!! I love it!! HUGS!

  3. Enfys, this has to be one of my all times favorites of yours...I love the expecting Mom holding her baby clothes. Great job on this one my friend. Congratulations!! BTW, I hear you're going to be a new Grandma!!!! TFS


  4. Fabulous card Enfys just perfect for expectant mum's so stylish and trendy. I guess you need to make 2!!! Congrats again on 2 new grandbabies on the way next year x

    Julie xx

  5. Fab! Congratulations on your news Enfys, you will have 4 grandchildren next year just like me!!

  6. soooo cute!!!! love it



  7. I love those Lola designs... fab card Enfys, Love your colouring!
    Justine x

  8. Pudding club. very cute saying. lol

    Great card Enfy, very festive.

  9. En, these Lola cards are delightful, and I sure wish I had the "pudding club ones when my DD was expecting our little Porter! I wish you a safe trip back to the UK, and a very wonderful and Merry Christmas with your family. I hope we see you in the spring, though it will be a busy one with the birth of two little blessings!

  10. heheeeeee love the card - gorgeous colours !

  11. Oh I love `Lola` Just got her sat waiting to be coloured Enfys!!!!
    She`s a real minx...your card is `gorgeous`...
    Have a lovely Day:)~X~

  12. YOU ARE SOOOO TALENTED!!!!! I love visiting!

  13. So adorable Enfys! Love the idea of the Pudding Club! Lucky you with 2 on the way. Congrats! xxD


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