Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Funky Daze Word Book


Anice, the very talented owner of Funky Hand is 40 today, she is the sweetest person and I am so happy to be on her design team. She has just released her new CD, called Funky Daze, with a fabulous range of printable papers, alphabets and, wow, wow, wow, the ability to print your own word book. I was really excited to get my demo CD and couldn't wait to see how it worked out. I printed out the word PLAY on a stiff white cardstock (the sort you get in a great big pack from the office supply aisle in Walmart), then printed out some coordinating papers, again on cardstock and backed the letters with those. With the two layers of card, it made a really substantial little book. I don't have a bind-it-all, so used key rings to hold it all together, then tied ribbons to them. The photos are all of Kiki playing in the park and with her doll. This word book has been sent to Anice as she will be showcasing her new line on Ideal World Create and Craft TV in the UK. The CD can be seen HERE - shipping is free to anywhere in the world.
Regular bloggy friends will remember the saga of the black pig which was snuffling around outside one dark night a few weeks ago? Suggestions were gently made that I was demented/drunk/mistaking an armadillo for a pig and so on, and on.................nobody really believed me. Well, I am totally vindicated. Guess what was spotted on US19 this week (a really busy highway about a mile away from our house) - not one, but TWO black pigs snuffling around on the verge. One of them was definitely mine I've decided, but if it hangs around US19 for any length of time it will be going to a piggy graveyard, there are some crazy drivers on that road.


~JulieH~ said...

Gorgeous book Enfys I ordered my CD yesterday it looks fab!

Fi said...

Enfys, your word book is wonderful and a great idea with the cardstock layers.
I believed you about the wild pigs.

scotspanda said...

just seen this word book on Anice's blog, it is fab hun, what a lovely keepsake for the little one! love it


Amanda xx

Lana said...

Beautiful word book in gorgeous colours Enfys!
Well that's the snorting pig mystery solved lol
Lana x

Tonniece said...

Wow......... Who needs chipboard when you can do this, this is awesome Enfys. I am sure she will love it.
As for the Pig, I believed you when others didn't. LOL

Happy Tuesday to you

Justine said...

I believed the pig story too!!! ha ha ha Book is fabulous Enfys, loving those papers too!
Hugs Justine x

Sharon Caudle said...

Wow Enfys!!! This book is gorgeous! You hit a grand slam with this one! And I'm glad you were finally vindicated!!! LOL! Have a great day! hugs!

kisatrtle said...

Your book is beautiful. As for the pig, I'm speechless. (no not really, have you ever known me to be speechless) Who would have thought. No one pig but two! They must be brother and sister and on the run...perhaps fearful that more people will opt for ham this year instead of turkey??? Maybe I should make this into a kids book...hhhhmmmmm.....

Vicki said...

What a great album! I am off to check out that CD!

Kathy said...

Ohhhh I LOVE your book - what a fab project. I keep meaning to buy one of Anice's CDs and this might just give me the kick I need!

BettyBee said...

LOL En, anyone of us that lives here in FL would believe you about the wild pigs! I have seen them myself, and have funny stories about camping and having not-so-pleasant encounters with the snufflers!! If they hang out around US19 they will be road pizza for sure!

Happy Birthday, and what priceless greetings you got from Kiki and Max! Sometimes they put our creations to shame, don't they:-)

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, even though it's not a holiday you celebrate in the UK. We are thankful for you.


Allison said...

fab book En, will have to get finger out and try a word book, not had time yet

Anice said...

Thank you for your birthday wishes and your word book is even better in real life than in the pictures!!
Anice xx

Lizzy said...

Hi, sorry I missed you birthday. Mine is tomorrow. Love the book, cards, and all the cool work you are doing. Your little angels are too cute too. Hope we can meet up sometime. N

Dawny P said...

Ohh no. We gotta save the pigs En lol xxxxx Hope they don't end up as a bacon buttie for a while yet. I agree wiht your firend who thinks they might bew on the run. Let;s call them Thelma and Louise. It is a bit of ya boo sucks to all the doubters who thought that maybe you'd had a bit too much of the hard stuff. I was not one of them, if you remember :)))) lol xxx

This is fantastic, and what an easy way to do it. The Paper Mill Shop sell these plastic template things which cost about £6 I think, but doing it this way, you can choose your own words. Awesome - I love it, espesh those papers, yum yum xx.

And finally, there is a little something NICE on my blog for you xxxx

Anonymous said...

Just fantastic Enfys. Will order this as soon as I unpack. Book is beautiful and love the pics of Kiki. No everyone doubted your pig story love, but am glad you know they exist. Tom and I had a wonderful cruise will send photos when I get sorted. Love from Joan to you and belated happy birthday. The pressie is just a thank you for all the lovely things you do for all of us.