Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Sneak Peek - Papercraft Inspirations

Here's sneak peek of one of the cards published in this month's Papercraft Inspirations - the whole article was about undies - titled Cheeky Undies. On sale in the UK on the 26th September, a month later in the USA.
This month they wanted a photo of me, I was very, very reluctant to send one until I had my highlights re-done (frosting on my hair for US friends :) Anyway, the deadline was approaching, the printer wouldn't wait for me to get my hair done, and I got Mike to stand as far away from me as possible, snapping away with the digi camera, 'Go back further', I kept saying, until he was out the front door. Vanity, thy name is woman.


  1. Great card....just love it...will be a fun issue! Funny story about the picture taking, I am like that, too!!!

  2. What a gorgeous card! I can't wait to see the rest! I bet you looked just fine even without your highlights redone!


  3. I saw your spead in PI last night, it is wonderful.
    Congratulations I always knew you'd make it big.

    Love Sadiexc

  4. How CUTE Enfys....I love those colors today...what an exciting venture being a designer for a magazine!!!

  5. Hahaha, that is the best card ever!!!!

  6. Hmmmm....I have to admit I am not a underware card type person, LOL....but....your card is adorable. It looks more like a bathing suit. I love the lace on it too!
    Sandy O

  7. well done on the publication En and the cards are all fabulous - got my copy yesterday and you are too modest the piccie looks fine..you gorgeous lady you

  8. I can't wait to see your pic!! And I love that 'frosting'. That's fabulous xxx Oh and your card is pretty fabulous as well xxxx

  9. How much fun!

    You've got my 'support'! LoL
    too fun!

  10. Enfys...congrats! i'm going to have to go and get this mag so that I can see your highlights! lol
    love the bra on this card. really cute.

  11. Gorgeous card and another funny story!
    I am sure you wil look as gorgeous as your creations!!
    Will definately be buying this mag.
    Lana x

  12. Ha Ha..these look great fun. can't wait to see the full project :)

  13. Congrats Enfys!!! If anyone deserves it , it is You. You do such incrediable work, and have inspired so many of us. Love all your creations, and they are lucky to have such a cleaver and creative person. I'm sure you picture is awesome as is your cards. Very funny story, thanks for sharing.


  14. Dear Enfys:

    Here! Here! to comments by Lillie.

    This card is hysterical, love it more than the undies card. You clever girl.

    Oh! I live in the US and have always called it frosting until a recent visit to a new stylist who didn't know what I was talking about.

    Love Ya
    Joan M

  15. I did a little scream when I saw your feature! I subscribe so it arrived earlier this week!! And it IS a good pic of you!!!!!

    Well done!! Two months on the trot too!!

  16. very cute card, what flowers did you use the red flower looks so real. Excellent work!!

  17. I haven't seen it, so I STILL don't know what you look like, En! Pretty good, by all accounts. ;o)

    Congrats on the designer job.

    Chris xx


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