Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Ghouls Just Wanna Have Fun - Halloween

Okay, so I know this is silly, but I found the saying on a studio G set and just had to make this card. I cut the girlie ghoul from Paper dolls at 3", gave her a bow, googly eyes and some eyelashes as well as a scrolly doodle border. The papers are Daisy D, the scallop rectangles are nestabilities, cut in the cuttlebug, and the black border is a doodle bug paper frill. I thought this would be a perfect Halloween card for a teenage girl.

Talking of silly, I went to Walmart yesterday and when I came out, a truck had parked next to me, it was covered in bright green artificial turf, no paintwork, just turf. A large sign proclaimed that this work of art belonged to 'THE PET BUTLER - your dog poops, we scoop'. On the back it said 'Your dog's #2 is our #1' . There was a chap sitting in the drivers seat, he did not look a happy bunny, and given his occupation I could see why really. It set me thinking, you have to PAY someone to scoop the poop? Is there a rare breed of dog in the USA that I have not heard of, that produces vast, elephant-like quantities of the stuff? I have visions of some very rich person taking a tiny Yorkie out for a little walk, for him to do his little business, then taking out her cell phone "Hello, is that the pet butler? Can you come at once please to the corner of 42StN and 34StS, I have a scoop for you......................."


  1. AWesome card. The "ghoul" is such a cutie.

    And that dog butler thing is the funniest I have heard of all week. Thanks for the laugh. People in the world are just so silly and SPOILED!

  2. Brilliant! I love this card it is cute and funny but it also has style!
    When I think things are bad I will just be thankful I'm not a dog butler!!!!!!!!LOL

  3. This is an awesome card, I really like it!! As for the Pet butler here in Texas companies like that work for apartments and gated communities, so they clean up the mess the owner of the pets doesn't.

  4. love the ghouls night out card.
    and yes we do have dog pooped scooper uppers. There are a few different companies. a friend of mine has 5 dogs, the service comes 5 times a week and scoops all the poopers up! this way no one steps in dog doo when they are pllaying outside...lol

  5. This is an adorable card. And I agree that the ghoul never looked so cute. Talk about cuties, your grandbabies are the cutest!

  6. You do awesome work. You are very talented. I wish I was half as talented as you are.

  7. Poop scooping??!!! Oh dear!!

    Fantastic card too - love the saying!!

  8. Cool card,I don't use my cricut nearly enough.
    I love the Pet butler story, can you imagine having that kind of service?

  9. I just love all of your cards. The detail is so great and I love the colors you chose. Nice and bright. Thanks for linking comments on my blog. If you don't mind I would like to link mine to yours.

  10. There are many seniors, disabled and blind persons in the world as well. Be thankful there are services around that do the "dirty work" so they are able to keep their canine companions.

    Cute card!

  11. Love the sentiment and love the card - fabulous. Oh I have been sittign here literally laughing out loud at your post!! Bless Americans - they really think of everything. It would never work here cos sadly we are generally too prissy for that sort of thing. Image it on 'What's My Line'!!!! In fact, we are so prissy that our dogs don't even poop. Haaaa xxxx

  12. That is such a fab card, I love the quote and will have to get one of those for myself ;-)
    Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog, I am tempted with the brandy...just for the toothache of course ;-) and the DT party sounds fab do you think they will fund it!!!

  13. Smiled at the card - laughed out loud at the poopy story! I just love the idea of a dog butler - I can see him now with his silver scooper :)

    Thanks for the laughter!

    Southampton, UK

  14. ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!
    You are soooooooooo funny Enfys!
    Great card and love the girly ghoul.
    Lana x

  15. I love this card! Such a cute sentiment!!

    Funny dog doo story too!!! I could use that guy....but I think I'd rather spend my money on stamps!

  16. No doubt..! This is really a perfect Halloween card.

  17. This is awesome! Love the papers you used and I love the sentiment!


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