Tuesday, 15 July 2008

House Mouse and Strawberries

Isn't this little mouse adorable, fast asleep after his fill of strawberries........The colouring was done with prismacolour pencils, and the berries had diamond glaze added for extra shine.
We are off to the Lake district in the north of England for a couple of days, we love it there, stunning scenery and loads of sunshine (well the last bit is wishful thinking on my part!)


  1. This is soooo lovely Enfys. The strawberries look yummy and the little mousey is ever sooo cute xx Re the sunshine, well I don't know where it's gone either. I heard a rumour that it was supposed to be summer - they are having a laugh lol xx

  2. Aaaawwww, love this Enfys!
    Have a great time in the Lakes :)

  3. This is very cute En :) I am in love with House Mouse at the moment, three more new Christmas ones arrived this morning!!! I can't help myself, i'm addicted!
    Have a great time in the Lakes, beautiful place :)

    Carol x

  4. Aw what a sweet stamp! I love the house mouse stamps although I don't have any yet. I love your colouring :o)

  5. Adorable!! I just love strawberries. That mouse is just too adorable!

  6. WOW gorgeous and yummy, fabulous card, have a great time in the lake district.

  7. HHHmmmmm, strawberries!!!!

    The sun is shining up North! Well, it is right now so hope it is in The Lakes!

  8. Wow Enfys - how cute is this little guy and so full of yummy strawberries....great colour work and hey you enjoy your time away in the Lakes...i love it there too fingers crossed the weather is good because when it's good it's brilliant but when......say no more.

  9. Hello Enfys!!! I'm lovin' all your cards girlie!!! Too adorable....neat trick with the prima flower...I love that!!

  10. What a cute card!!! Cute Mouse & yummy strawberries!
    Have a lovely time at the Lakes Enfys!
    Lana x

  11. This is stunning I love strawberries and they look good enough to eat xx

  12. SOOOOOO CUTE Enfys!!! His little tummy looks just like mine after I pig out on strawberries! LOL!! Well....ok....it looks that way before I pig out on strawberries too. Gotta be honest. :) Love this card!!

  13. OMG Enfys, those strawberries are absolutely delicious! The coloring you did and the diamond glaze is so amazing and so realistic! And that ribbon is the perfect match!
    Gorgeous! I hope you had a great time up in the lake district!


  14. So cute and seasonal too!



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Enfys x