Thursday, 31 July 2008

Blog Award

I got this Wylde Women blog award from Dawny - thanks Dawny. I am passing it on to some blogging friends, Julie, Lana, Jozza and Allison
I also got tagged by QueenDavia and I am supposed to write all sorts of facts about myself that are going to bore you rigid, so stop reading NOW
10 Years ago I was ----- working full time, had never heard of rubber stamping, cardmaking or scrapbooking, longing to give up work but wondering what I would do with myself when I did - well, we all know the answer to that!
5 things on todays to do list ------ make a card, make a card, make a card, make a card, make a card
Snacks I enjoy ------ as if anybody would be interested in my gastronomic delights, so I'll pass on this one, but will give a honorable mention to Dunkin Donuts iced caramel latte. Make mine a large one please.
Things I would do if I was a millionaire ------- Invest wisely and make a billion
Places I have lived -------Wales, Yorkshire, West Midlands and Hudson, Florida
Hey, are you still here? Still awake?


  1. Hi Enfys

    Thanks for thinking of me with this award!!


  2. Thankyou Enfys for this award!
    It's very sweet.
    Lana x


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