Monday, 19 May 2008

Bird Card - Joys of the Season

This must be my favourite cartridge. There is so much on there that you can use, not just for Christmas - in fact, I have never used it for Christmas cards (yet!)

I thought I would put a list of the possible uses of the various cuts for anyone who is thinking of investing in this cartridge.

Partridge in a pear tree - see this post

Turtle Doves - Wedding, Anniversary

French Hen - Good luck (Best of Cluck)

note to a friend (Just chicken up on you)

Geese - Congratulations - (that's something to honk about)

Swan - Wedding, Anniversary, Birthday

Drum - male birthday card

Ballerina - ballet mad teen card

Cup - Friendship card (let's get together, tea time)

Fireplace - Welcome to your new home

Train - Child's card

Teddy bear - I love you beary much, sending you a bear hug

Pear - anniversary/engagement/wedding (you make a perfect pair)

Wreath - female birthday, baby welcome wreath, welcome to your new home/welcome to the neighbourhood


  1. Thanks for the info Enfys!I am convincing myself I don't need another holiday cart right?

  2. Thank you for sharing all these wonderful ideas with us are always so thoughtful! And this card came out beautiful...great color combo!

  3. So very cute!! Beautiful colors!! TFS! :)

  4. great site love all of your stuff hope to be a little git good deb
    congrats on your 40,001 hits

  5. trying again maybe this will work love all of you cards

  6. I think your work is great!


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