Sunday, 27 April 2008

Mermaid Card

Here is my card for today, love this cute mermaid. I coloured her with prismacolour pencils ad gamsol, then used loads of stickles. I stamped her again onto pattern paper and cut out the tail. The saying is 'florida or bust!'

It's a gorgeous day here in Florida, and the cranes are mating I think. Those of you who don't know, cranes are about 4' tall birds, grey with a red crest and spindly legs. They walk in a very slow, measured way. So we had a pair on the grass outside the house yesterday, and the male was doing everything in his power to attract the female. He was jumping quite high into the air, flapping his wings and twirling around. At one stage he got so excited that he fell over mid-twirl. The female just stood there watching this display - we wondered what we were going to see next! After about five minutes of this, she turned her back, and stalked elegantly away, leaving him hopping and twirling with no audience. If a bird can look brassed off, I tell you, he did! Hmm, not tonight dear, got to get the supper and I think I have a headache coming on...........


  1. Lol!!! I suppose you were craning your necks to see what happened next?? Sorry.. I know... very poor, but it's the best I can do, OK? ;o)

    I don't normally do cute, but I have to say, after seeing this gorgeous card and the Pink Petticoat bugs, Tildas et al, I am swinging t'other way lately... This is another stunning card, En.

    Heather xx

  2. This card is adorable, love that great little mermaid and all her glitter.

  3. This card is so sweet!

  4. Adorable !! what a sweet little mermaid !

  5. Enfys I did laugh at your crane story. It isnt just confined to Florida (or cranes for that matter) cos it is the sort of thing you can see in our local night club every weekend, even down to the slow measured walk!!! Honestly, I howled xx I so love the mermaid card - it is really cute.

  6. Lol, what a fab story! What a beautiful card, love the mermaid stamp, you have some gorgeous stamps!


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