Sunday, 6 January 2008

Kiki is addicted to the little rides you get in town centres, and I had so many photos of her on them I decided to put them all into one layout. The little train is from Joys of the Season, the little cars are buttons. I found a photo small enough to put her face in the train window, so she looks as though she's the driver.

This obsession with rides came to a climax last summer when Mike and I took her to Drayton Manor Park, a small theme park close to where we live. She just could not believe that she could go on as many rides as she wanted, and turned into a theme park junkie. She watched the teenagers on the coasters, and started throwing her little hands up into the air and waving them about every time she climbed onto a baby ride!


  1. En,
    Look at you, with a blog...
    As usual beautiful work, and it's even easier when you have such a beautiful little subjects.

  2. Your work makes me want to quit my job and just spend time playing with my crafts! 20 months and counting and I will retire!

    Kiki is so darn cute! Where is Max?


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