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Friday, 21 July 2017

Rad! - For Spellbinders

I couldn't resist this set from Spellbinders called Hipster 2 - perfect for those difficult male/teenage boy cards.........I am so behind the times, that I actually had to google the word RAD to see exactly what it meant. I'm not exactly hot on new urban language trends.....

Mind you, this would be a good card for Max, my ten year old grandson. When I went for a goodbye hug on our last visit, he announced  'I don't do hugs any more Ma, I do fist bumps......!'  ✊


  1. Fabulous card and die set. Love the shades. x

  2. Maryellen WebberFriday, July 21, 2017

    Cool card Enfys!!! Did Max say fist pump or bump? My 14 yr old days fist bump and then we have to make it explode! So different than than saying TTFN!!!��

  3. Fist pumps instead of hugs??? Oh no he didn't!!! Please tell Max that my grandsons fist pump their buddies, but they always hug their Grandma (me). I doubt that it will help though ... it seems that the younger lads are all fist pumping these days (with or without the explosion). I have to giggle a little, because I'm sure I did some rather silly things in my youth too. (*wink*)

    BTW ... I love the card. You nailed the RAD thingy and you're right, it is a perfect card for young men of all ages.

  4. Cool card! Max is funny - I hope you get your hugs back soon! xxx

  5. Great card En! So did you dot a fist bump with Max? Kids r so much fun!


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