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Thursday, 29 June 2017

Coffee Time for Spellbloggers

Did you know Spellbinders made stamps as well as dies? Who knew! I used the Celebrations
 Cup for Two stamps for this little card - perfect to send as a note to a coffee loving friend. The outlines are bold and well defined, so they were easy to cut out. I love the one with the lettering on......I added the little red glittered heart to add a pop of colour

I must admit, I am a bit of a coffee addict. Our kids bought us a Nespresso machine for Christmas which has a nifty little milk frother twirly thing built in, so every morning sees me with my barrista hat on, making my fancy coffee to put me in the mood to start my day. Surprising really, as I was brought up in a house where a cup of tea was the answer to all of life's problems. I don't think my mum even had coffee in the cupboard. I blame it all on Dunkin Donuts - one of my guilty pleasures when we lived in the USA was that large iced caramel latte, with extra caramel and whipped cream. Sigh.......after my friends, and coupons for Michaels, it's the thing I miss most about the USA!  


  1. Love this Enfys, very nicely done :) I too miss all sorts of things about living in the USA, not so much the fancy coffee (I just like it strong with a dash of milk) but being out there did spoil us for the endless refills in restaurants!

  2. So beautiful, love these coffee mugs!

  3. Love this card Enfys ... and with only two colors, it's absolutely perfect and a great friendship card too. Speaking of friendships ... your USA friends miss you too!
    HUGZ xx Carol

  4. I too am a coffee lover. But I drink mine hot n black. Sorry you're so far away from your friends and DD. I miss your tales from your wanderings for coffee. Thanks for this cute card! Hugs, Jesz

  5. I am not much of a coffee drinker (I leave that to my husband and daughter), but I could definitely do with an iced caramel latte with extra caramel and whipped cream!


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Enfys x